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Articles about Turkmenistan

Avaza: architectural and construction innovations


The Avaza national tourism zone — the project of an unprecedented scale, scope and bold ideas launched on the Caspian seaside encompasses a number of important aspects of the economic strategy of Turkmenistan. In recent years, the large-scale work has been done to transform this once deserted region.

The scope of transformation can be imagined even in Turkmenbashi town, the largest industrial, transport and resort centre of the Caspian region that has been given a powerful impetus to develop. The highway and Bahar Hazar quay give a splendid view of the sea. The remarkable sights of the seaside town — the office building of the State Service of Sea and River Transport of Turkmenistan, the silhouette of which resembles a ship, the Carlak Hotel, the magnificent architectural complex of the Ruhiyet Palace, which is the venue for concerts, music festivals and other cultural and social actions, and the Turkmenbashi Hotel surrounded by the mountain ridges — are located there.

A few turns of the highway, and it takes us to the Avaza seaside resort where the magnificent hotels and children’s recreation centres, including Watanci, Hazyna, Nebitci, Kerwen, Kuwwat, Serdar Arzuw, Dayanc, Sapak and Bereket have grown in recent years. The children’s voices can be heard on the shore of the ancient Hazar Sea these days: Turkmen citizens have rushed to the sea where clean water, fresh air and wonderful sandy beaches, charging with good spirits and feeling of wellbeing for a long time, attract them, since school holidays and holiday season started.

There are swimming pools, including ones for youngest holidaymakers, amphitheatres, playgrounds and sports fields, tennis courts and parking garages in the territory of recreation centres and hotels. Nearly each tourist centre has pontoon piers with motorboats and paddle boats for those fond of making sea trips. Cutters, rocking on the waves, are ready to take on board those wishing to take a boat trip along the seacoast where Avaza is taking shape. It will be the venue for rowing and canoeing competitions and regattas in the future.

An adornment of the seaside resort is the park complex designed in line with modern landscape design trends. It offers a magnificent view of the main attraction of the park complex — the sea fountain.

“A visiting card” of the littoral region is the international airport in Turkmenbashi town. The capacity of the air harbour is 800 passengers per hour. The airport can handle several flights at the same time, ensuring the international standards of service. Its runway built in accordance with the ICAO requirements can handle passenger and cargo aircrafts of any type.

The tourism component is taken into account in the General Development Plan of the Turkmenbashi international seaport and the Merchant Marine for the period till 2020 that provides for the construction of a number of sea terminals with multi-purpose berths for vessels of any type and capacity on the shore of the Caspian Sea. The modern logistic and transport centre with warehouses to process and store goods transit and perform export and import operations will be built there. There also will be the shipyard, passenger terminal and other facilities on the Caspian seashore.

An innovative approach is taken to fulfil the key task of reliable water supply to the seaside resort and Turkmenbashi. A desalination plant with the capacity of 35 million cubic metres of fresh water per day was built on the Caspian seashore for this purpose.

The Avaza development concept amazes by the diversity of projects and architectural design. The construction of sports facilities, aqua parks, cultural and entertainment centres, oceanarium and 3D cinema, along with hotels, guest houses and other resort facilities, which will allow increasing a number of holidaymakers to 7,000 people, has been and will be launched in Avaza,. The magnificent building of the Congress Palace will rise in the crescent-shaped bend of the southern shore of the seaside resort.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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