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White City – Ashgabat 2010 - 9th Turkmenistan multipurpose international exhibition

White City – Ashgabat 2010 - 9th Turkmenistan multipurpose international exhibition

Date: 19.05.2010 - 21.05.2010
Place: Turkmenistan » Ashgabad
Themes:  Other,  Municipal,  Conditiotioning, ventilation, warming,  Building,  Bridges, infrastructure, road building

White City – Ashgabat 2010 - 9th Turkmenistan multipurpose international exhibition

Due to the 2nd Elder's Council meeting of May 14, 2010 - the exhibition dates are postponed to May 19-21, 2010

Each spring the Turkmen capital becomes the venue for the White City – Ashgabat International Universal Exhibition - the most impressive and trustworthy event in the field of the building trade and municipal services.
The 9th multipurpose international exhibition "White Marble City - Ashgabat" 2010 featuring the best samples of modern equipment, construction and make-up materials made by Turkmenistan and other world leading producers to be held at Sergi Kosgi exhibition center in Ashgabat. The exhibition will also demonstrate the potential of communication systems and innovations, achievements in the healthcare sphere, oil and chemical industries, textile sector and foodstuff production.
"This exhibition is one of the important events organized by independent Turkmenistan in carrying out the noble deeds” – said Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. “The main task of the exhibition is to broaden international cooperation with the aim of continuing the development of Ashgabat and to demonstrate the fruits of the man's intellect and labor."
"It has become a good tradition to hold the multipurpose international exhibition "White Marble City - Ashgabat" every spring. This speaks for significance of the exhibition and the fact that for many it is an honor to take part in it. Moreover, the exhibition provides all conditions for exchange of opinions and studying each other's experience," the Turkmen leader said.
The exposition of White City – Ashgabat 2009 reflecting the unprecedented scale of the reforms implemented in the main city of the country and presenting the plans of Ashgabat’s development. Numerous exhibits and various product samples are displayed on the area of over 2000 square meters. Participation several dozens of exhibitors from 12 countries worldwide – makes the exhibition universal. Feature of the White City – Ashgabat 2009 – heavy percentage of so called intellectual product: innovations and know-how, vitally needed by the modern Turkmenistan.
The organizers of the Exhibition – the Ashgabat Khyakimlik, the Ministry of Construction and Construction Materials Industry of Turkmenistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan invite everyone to visit the Exhibition and get acquainted with the large-scale panorama of the achievements and the programs of Ashgabat’s development.
Within the frame of “Ashgabat – the White City 2009” various events took place: presentations, contests, pop concerts, performances by sportsmen, new products tasting, consumer goods, souvenirs and home and folk craft products sales. Within the frame of “Ashgabat – the White City 2010” presentations by the exhibiting companies, round-table meetings and seminars will be organized.
Themes of “Ashgabat – the White City 2010”:
·         Petrochemical industry, natural gas industry
·         Construction and architecture, building materials and projects
·         Electric power supply, lighting, outdoor advertising, air conditioning and ventilation
·         Health, sanitation, environment protection, planting
·         Alarm and security systems
·         Food and food processing industry, packaging
·         Water supply, heating, water purification
·         Motorways: construction, road-building machines and equipment, means of transport
·         Electric home appliances, sanitary ware, tiles, bathroom furniture
·         Telecommunications: communication, computer technology, software
·         Textile: interior, design, accessories, carpets
·         Furniture: accessories, home decoration, table settings, table ware, utensils

All action by theme: Other, Municipal, Conditiotioning, ventilation, warming, Building, Bridges, infrastructure, road building

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