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International Exhibition “Construction in Turkmenistan-2010” has opened


International exhibition of achievements and prospects of construction industry in Turkmenistan opened
Over its history our country has never known such an unprecedented scale of construction work launched in Turkmenistan today. As its ‘face’ is being created before our eyes. Magnificent newly-constructed buildings and facilities just recently put into operation became immediately the visiting cards of our cities. The pace of development of the construction industry vividly illustrate that Turkmen economy is on the rise that is evidenced by the drastically changing look of Turkmen towns and villages with numerous constructions sites and the silhouettes of hoisting cranes
The progress made by the construction industry in Turkmenistan in the epoch of new Revival and fundamental reforms is showcased at the International Exhibition “Construction in Turkmenistan-2010” that has opened at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat today. Even the central part of the city, where the Exhibition Centre is located, with its magnificent palaces, new buildings to be put into operation within the next few days, architectural constructions being dressed in white marble or growing up high into the air are real evidence of modern present-day achievements of the construction sector in our country.
The International Conference on the Development of Construction Industry of Turkmenistan
will be arranged in the framework of the International Exhibition that showcases present-day achievements and prospects of the sector. Participants of the Exhibition are specialists of the world’s leading construction companies, scientists and experts from different countries of the planet.
Over 120 Turkmen and foreign companies, the leaders on the world construction market from different continents, producers of building and decoration materials and special equipment are represented at the International Exhibition. Growing competition on very promising Turkmen market becomes apparent in that the leading companies from all over the world intend to present exclusive projects and latest technologies at the International Exhibition in Ashgabat.
Turkmen construction firms and departments that quickly adopt and apply advanced construction technologies
to design and build fashionable office buildings, apartment houses, large industrial and social facilities rapidly move forward. The growth of the construction sector is secured by the reforms initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the policy aimed at encouraging entrepreneurial activity and meeting increasing needs on the domestic market.
Today, Turkmen companies are able to compete with foreign firms and succeed in business. The activity of Turkmen companies in the construction sector is encouraged by the recent Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan allowing private companies to build apartment houses in rural areas that have turned into huge construction sites by the large-scale rural development programme. It should be noted that in rural areas social and housing standards are widely applied, newly constructed buildings have supply networks and relevant infrastructure is developed.
The look of velayat administrative centres is being transformed before our eyes, not to speak of the white-marble capital city where cascades of newly constructed wonderful buildings including social facilities, office buildings, comfortable apartment houses, industrial enterprises were put into operation over the past months. The resort pearl on the Caspian seaside, the Avaza national tourism zone continues to grow and expand. This year new recreation centres, international airport buildings, power station, desalination unit, resort infrastructure facilities have been into operation there.
The epoch of new Revival is distinguished by the large scale of projects – magnificent sky-scrapers are under construction, new urban areas and even large settlements spring up, long autobahns and steel lines stretching thousands kilometres are laid, transport infrastructure meeting international standards is developed.
Advanced technologies presented at the Exhibition
including the samples of ‘green construction’, are to contribute to implementing grandiose, energy efficient technologies, projects using alternative energy sources Turkmen projects in our country in the epoch of new Revival. Moreover, foreign partners, who are aware of the high potential and the conditions conducive to expanding the Turkmen market, intend not only to offer their unique technologies but also make investments in enterprises, application of these technologies in industry in our country, construction of enterprises and even ‘technology towns’.
New incentives to promote the construction industry were given during the working meeting dedicated to the priorities of the development of the construction and power sectors and industry and held recent by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. In particular the decision to design the concept of the development of the Turkmen capital, construction of new enterprises of the building materials industry and reconstruction of existing ones and the development of transport and communal services sectors was adopted during the meeting.
The fact that large-scale projects that used to be implemented for dozens of years are completed within the shortest time period possible is a bright sign of the modern epoch. It should be note that a construction boom Turkmenistan sees today is one of the brightest illustrations of the intensive economic growth.
It is important not merely to build but to build properly, to build for many centuries to come and in compliance with international standards. This is that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focuses on demanding that contractors and departments concerned satisfy there requirements rigorously.
Time will pass, and we will see most of what is presented at the Exhibition on the streets of our cities and villages in new facilities, architectural refinements, etc. By making substantial investments in the construction industry, we build the future of our country and lay a reliable foundation for economic, social and cultural progress of the epoch of fundamental reforms.
State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)



President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave the welcoming statement to participants and organizers of the International Exhibition “Construction in Turkmenistan-2010” International Conference on the Development of Construction Industry.

Congratulating on the opening of the exhibition and conference, the leader of the Turkmen state said in particular, “Dynamic development of the construction industry, high quality of facilities under construction in the country vividly indicate the economic growth of the Turkmen state. Ongoing large-scale construction work creating a new image of the country augments the beauty of our Motherland.
“In accordance with the President’s National Programme for the improvement of social and living conditions in villages, settlements, towns in etraps and etrap centre for the period till 2020 we take the complex measures today to further improve the standards of living of our people.
“The implementation of the National Programme contributes to large-scale construction of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, other social and economic facilities in all regions of the country and in rural areas as well and development of transport networks and infrastructure and use of latest types of communications.
“Drastic changes opening up qualitatively new opportunities to develop rural areas in Esenguly, Ruhubelent Etraps have been carried out. New complexes of social facilities put into operation in Dovletli and Altyn Sahra Etraps are a result of the great progress made in the construction sector.
“Turkmenistan has turned into a huge construction site, since large-scale construction work was launched in our independent state. Also, we give paramount attention to such priority aspects as development of the strong construction industry, strengthening of the material and technical basis of construction enterprises that also contributes to creating new jobs and improving professional skills of our builders.
“Conducting the international exhibition and scientific conference in Ashgabat on the development of the construction industry is of paramount importance of introducing the achievements that Turkmenistan has gained in the construction sector and construction industry, ongoing activity in this field, its rate of growth and adopted technologies to the international community.
“This forum will provide a splendid opportunity to discuss the ways of collaboration among companies, enterprises, research institutions cooperating in the construction sector, identify the fields of further partnership between Turkmen and foreign professionals, exchange experiences between scientists and specialists.”

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