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International forum “Avaza: Towards New Heights of Creation, Construction and Progress” opened


The International Exhibition and Conference “Avaza: Towards New Heights of Creation, Construction and Progress”have been opened in the Avaza national tourism zone today.


The organizers of the forum initiated by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov are the Committee for the Avaza National Tourism Zone and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Over 100 representatives of 53 companies from over 22 countries of the world including the United States, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Panama, Ukraine and Kazakhstan participate in the exhibition arranged in the Nebitchi Hotel and the conference, which will take place at the Arzuw Hotel.

Many companies are known well

in our country and have earned the reputation of partners interested in further cooperation. These include Russian companies Itera-group, Vozrozhdeniye, Turkish companies Lotus, Belda and Polimeks, the German company RWE Dea AG, the Chinese companies CNPCI and SINOPEC, the Korean companies LG International Corp. and Hyundai Engineering, the Japanese company Itochu Corporation and Turkmenistan’s long-term partners the UAE Company Dragon Oil, Malaysian Petronas Carigali, Panamanian Schlumberger, etc.
The main goal of the international exhibition and scientific conference “Avaza: Towards New Heights of Creation, Construction and Progress” is to promote exchange of experiences and discussion of the key aspects of investment, construction and development projects in the Avaza national tourism zone, tourism infrastructure, state-private partnership in this sector and adoption of advanced technologies in Turkmenistan.
The program of the forum on the Caspian seaside includes roundtables and presentations that will bring together specialists of Turkmen ministries, departments and organisations as well as international and foreign companies, investors, experts in property, consulting, tourism industry, ecology, etc. A focus of discussions will be the implementation of the profound natural and economic potential of the maritime region and local rich resources through diversifying international cooperation and applying innovative solutions and approaches.
The strategic tasks and prospects for investment activity in the resort area, increase its profits, architecture and urban planning, advanced construction technologies, promotion international tourism and other issues will be considered during the meetings.
 ; therefore such aspects as the development of resort and recreation infrastructure, entertainment and sport industries, sea and river transport will be given particular attention.
Avaza is advertised as not only an international tourism centre but also the centre of advanced recreation-oriented technologies
Pursuing the open-door policy and creating the favourable investment climate and the enabling environment for business initiatives, Turkmenistan seeks long-term, mutually advantageous and fruitful cooperation. In this regard the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says that there are no near or far countries, big or small companies for us, however there are honest and dependable partners adhered to their commitments. Also, there are the fundamental principles including cost-effectiveness, social significance and environmental safety of joint projects. The environmental issues are the priority ones put on the global agenda today. They will be considered at the Avaza forum in the context of the use of alternative energy, nature conservation and landscape gardening activities.
Thus, a comprehensive coverage of various vectors of the development of the country’s first free economic zone and international seaside resort will enable to showcase vast opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation opened up in the national tourism zone on the Turkmen seashore of the Caspian Sea, demonstrate its attractiveness for investments and the horizons of constructive collaboration. The international exhibition and conference in Avaza will be an important step to search jointly the most effective instruments for achieving sustainable and long-lasting success for all parties interested.
Forum participants will visit local landmarks and cruise along the Avaza River and in the Caspian Sea. The forum will close on September 8.
State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)


Energy of creation turned towards the future

The representatives of the leading companies from over 20 countries

of the world, heads and specialists of different sectors of the national economy including scientists had arrived to the Caspian region to participate in the forum organized by the Committee for the Avaza National Tourism Zone and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.
An exchange of views was continued during the exhibition arranged at the Nebitchi Hotel where the pavilions of Turkmen departments and organisations aroused particular interest of the guests of Turkmenistan. The expositions of the Turkmenbashi oil refineries, the leader of the domestic petrochemical industry concentrating the profound potential of innovative international cooperation, the State Sea and River Transport Service showcasing the prospects for modernizing the Turkmenbashi seaport, the State Committee of Fishing Industry, the Ministry of Nature Protection and other departments were very popular. Wonderful Turkmen keteni and beautiful carpets presented by the Turkmenhaly State Joint-Stock Corporation added bright
colours to the ‘industrial’ background of the business forum. This art exposition not only blended well the panorama of the past and future of Avaza but also illustrated through guests’ keen interest that the national cultural heritage was an integral aspects of the strategy for promoting international tourism in our country.
Turkmenistan’s long-term business partner, ITERA International group of companies that constructs oil and gas infrastructure facilities and implements socially-oriented projects in Turkmenistan presented the innovative strategy for creating a qualitatively new urban environment at the conference and exhibition. Each of these projects contains a number of innovations and noteworthy technological decisions. This time the Russian partners presented a new concept of construction of ecologically friendly and ergonomic buildings and offered their innovations for Avaza to Turkmen counterparts.
Turkmen specialists learnt about the expertise, products and projects offered by foreign companies endeavoring to operate on the Turkmen market and actively contribute to developing the Avaza national tourism zone. The stand of the Polimeks Company was the most impressive one at the exhibition. Turkish architects and designers presented the model of a new city with social and municipal infrastructure, cinemas, kindergartens, schools, health centres, green zones, cultural and entertainment centres, pubic gardens and parks.
The Concept 90 Company from Croatia presented the investment project of multifunctional sports complex in Avaza that would host large-scale international sporting events. The presentation of this project was most remarkable for it was consistent with the policy pursued by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who ardently supports and adheres to a healthy lifestyle and sport and takes much effort to promote the physical culture and sport movement in the country.

Summing up the reports and presentations presented at the forum the following key aspects can be identified

: up-to-date technologies for attracting investments in the tourism industry and best practices of the world’s leaders in this sector of a market; innovative development of the Avaza tourism zone through introducing engineering innovations and improvement the quality tourism services; the study and modification of ‘green’ concepts and know-how ranging from high environmental standards of construction work and adoption of energy efficient technologies to harmonious combination of the unique nature of the maritime region with creative architectural projects.
Thus, the meeting in Avaza focusing on the issues of particular importance for Turkmenistan including the development of the market of tourism services and creation of the world-class seaside resort highlighted the major vector for promoting the national project. This is the dynamic investment activity focusing on such priority fields as innovative technologies, ecology, health care and sport. Even the enumeration of these components makes feel their vital force, energy of creation and aspiration for the future.
Forum participants are unanimous that the potential of the littoral region is a powerful resource for building innovative economy in Turkmenistan and the groundwork for a new economic zone that intensifies interest of the world business community.
State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the welcoming statement to participants of the international forum “Avaza: Towards New Heights of Creation, Construction and Progress”.

Noting in his statement that the creation of the Avaza national tourism zone has given a powerful impetus to promote the tourism industry, a new and key sector of the national economy, the leader of the Turkmen state stated:
“The implementation of the III millennium grandiose project of the creation of the Avaza national tourism zone on the Caspian seashore is a bright illustration of the concern of the Turkmen state for the native people. The total cost of the projects launched in Avaza today exceeds to US$ 1.5 billion.”
“Each newly constructed building there vividly testifies to the enhancement of the economic strength of the country, the improvement of social and living conditions of the Turkmen people,” the President of Turkmenistan continued. “To date a number of tourism facilities have been built and operate. Wonderful health improvement centres, magnificent hotels offering the whole spectrum of services to guests and other tourism facilities that have sprung up on the Caspian seaside are a major result of the ongoing reforms aimed at social and economic prosperity of the Turkmen state.
The ultimate goal of creating the Avaza national tourism zone is to use effectively natural resources of the maritime region, use the vast tourism development opportunities and offer a wide range of recreational activities to Turkmen citizens and foreign guests. For the concern for the people, their health, a prosperous and happy life is a priority of the policy of the Turkmen state.
“As is known, recently Avaza hosted the art festival that brought together talented children from different countries of the world and the Avaza-2010 international festival of entertainment, music, singing and dance ensembles. I believe that these international exhibition and conference will be conducted successfully on the sunny seashore of Avaza where various events will be held at international level on a regular basis.
“Avaza is the country’s free economic zone oriented toward the promotion of tourism,” the welcoming statement said. “Turkmen and foreign companies operating there, investors making investments in the construction of health resort and social and economic facilities, hotel business, service industries enjoy substantial tax and customs benefits privileges and optimal conditions for implementing joint projects. I believe that the experience gained there will be the groundwork for new similar projects.
“The Avaza Project plays a particular role in Turkmenistan’s strategic plans for the decades to come, and therefore it accumulates latest architectural and engineering thoughts, advanced technologies.
“The competitive advantages of Avaza enabling to safely implement this large-scale investment project against the background of other seaside resorts known all over the world include wonderful nature and climatic conditions, key geographical location, the high potential for providing tourism and recreational services as well as a sufficient available area to promote the project.
“The time is not far off when the tourism zone we are creating will rival the world’s travel brands, and Turkmenistan will rank among states able to meet competition in the tourism world.
“Having given powerful incentives for the tourism industry, the Avaza Project has accumulated several present-day components of the prosperity of Turkmenistan including effective and efficient use of rich natural resources, climatic conditions, favourable location on transportation routes, diversification of the national economy on this basis and mutually advantageous international cooperation.”
“The International Exhibition and Conference “Avaza: Towards New Heights of Creation, Construction and Progress” organized by the Committee for Avaza National Tourism Zone in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan will promote developing tourism and health and recreation industry and introducing innovative technologies in the tourism sector. In conclusion the Turkmen leader expressed belief that the forum would become an opportunity to specify the approaches to expanding further cooperation between businessmen of Turkmenistan and foreign countries, exchanging experiences between scientists and experts in achievements of the world’s tourism industry, innovations in health resort and entertainment spheres.”
State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)
06.09.2010 17:42

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