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Turkmen power industry – power of Revival


The 11th of September is the Turkmenistan Power Engineers’ Day.
One of the major tasks being fulfilled on the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is to guarantee the high life quality and favorable working conditions to citizens of Turkmenistan. Turkmen power engineers make a worthy contribution to fulfilling this task.
Today, Turkmen power industry demonstrates steady progress and the potential to enhance exports of electric power that is in great demand in world markets. The potential of the sector enhanced many times due to the construction of power plants and power transmission lines built in different regions of our country in a short period of time enable to meet the needs for electric power of domestic consumers as well as export Turkmen electric power to Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.
In this regard some figures should be mentioned. In eight months of 2010 Turkmenistan produced 10.506 billion Kilowatt-hours that is 5% above the plan. 1.157,1 million Kilowatt-hours were exported. 1.4 billion Kilowatt-hours were supplied free of charge to the population. In January-August, 2010, the increase in output of goods, works and services rendered by the Ministry of Energy and Industry made up 119% of that planned.
The large-scale projects aimed at further modernization and construction of new gas-turbine power stations, modernization of power supply and lighting systems in Ashgabat and other towns and settlements throughout the country have been launched in the domestic power industry, new power transmission lines are laid, dozens of distribution substations are under construction. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov says that a major task set Turkmen power engineers is to apply advanced technologies and reliable, state-of-the-art equipment and materials when implementing energy projects.
The short-range tasks set to the domestic power industry by the Turkmen leader involve the construction of the gas-turbine power station with the capacity of 254 megawatt in Zerger settlement, Lebap Velayat, laying of energy transmissions lines on the Ashgabat-Balkanabat-Turkmenbashi section in particular, construction of new transformer substations and reconstruction of existing ones. The measures aimed at increasing the volume of electric power exports include reconstruction of the power units at the Mary State Power Stations and the laying of 500-kV transmission line from the Mary power plant towards the Turkmen-Afghan border, the 400-kV Mary-Serahs transmission line towards the Turkmen-Iranian border and transmission lines from the Balkanabat State Power Station. The promising routes of electric power supplies from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Kazakhstan and to Pakistan via Afghanistan take real shape.
The construction of new thermal power stations, which have high and ultrahigh performance parameters, gave an opportunity to identify and apply most optimal operation conditions for power generating units and the Turkmen power system as well. Furthermore, the accelerated pace of development of the power industry in Turkmenistan enabled to remove low-powered, obsolete power facilities of service.
Putting new power generating units into operation makes it possible not only to satisfy the growing needs in the country but also enhance electric power exports to neighboring countries. The energy potential of Turkmenistan is to increase its export supplies via existing and planned routes. In accordance with the 2011-2030 National Social and Economic Development Programme electric power production in the country will increase to 25.5 billion Kilowatt-hours a year and the volume of electric power exports will raise to over 11 billion Kilowatt-hours a year.
The top priority tasks set to Turkmen power engineers include increasing the reliability of electric power supply to Ashgabat. Under the project high-voltage transmission lines will encircle the Turkmen capital. Also, dozens of new substations and hundreds of distribution transformers will be constructed in the city, hundreds of kilometers of cable power transmission lines will be laid. New outdoor power centers will help to light up city streets. New distribution boards connected with new cable power transmission lines will be installed in all houses. Thus, this large-scale project will enable to renew the power supply network in Ashgabat that will ensure reliable and uninterrupted electric power supply to the rapidly expanding Turkmen capital for many decades to come.
Today, the power sector in Turkmenistan is strong as never before – the huge energy and economic potential of our country that pursues the policy of wide international cooperation attracts more foreign companies and firms willing to establish mutually beneficial partnership with our country.
On the Power Engineers’ Day the great idea of the Turkmen leader, by whose efforts, vigour and willpower the country measures the way it advances along with rapid strides in the epoch of new Revival and great changes, is embodied vividly and clearly in real deeds and constructions.
Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)
All industry specialists kindly invited to visit the 3rd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2010» to be held on October 1-3, 2010 in the exhibition center in Ashgabat "Sergi Koshgi".

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