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Exposition of achievements of Turkmen and world printing industry closed


State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

Exposition of achievements of Turkmen and world printing industry closed

The International book fair “Book – the Way to Cooperation and Progress” that became the centre of attraction of specialists of the leading publishing houses and printing plants, large research and training centres and companies producing printing equipment from different countries of the Eurasian continent and the United States in our country. The impressive representation of exposition participants, a wide range of professional interests and mutual aspiration for an international cultural exchange vividly testifies to the intense interest of the world community in present-day Turkmenistan in the epoch of social, economic and cultural revival.

The international book fair organized each year in the epoch of new Revival serves as a large-scale exposition showcasing the achievements of the Turkmen and world printing industry and the festival in honour of the book – a unique product of human thought and progress. The large-scale exposition reflected the bright colourful world and high level of manufacture of printed novelties, wonderful pieces of the art of book publishing and printing trades, technologies and know-how in the wide spectrum of fields presented in the pavilions of the book publishers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, France, the United Kingdom and Turkmenistan. The exposition brought together frequent participants, including Geotar-Media, Elb-Spb, Flinta, Knorus, Informscience (Russia), Mastakskaya Literatura (Belarus), as well as over 60 new companies, potential partners in different sectors of the printing industry.

The publishing centres Zambak Selt (Turkey), Arkaim, Prosveshchenie (Russia), Alramin (Kazahstan) presented the wonderful collections of the books of belletristic literature for the younger generation, sets of educational supplies including printed materials and electronic storage devices, children’s literature and playing aids developed through using advanced educational technologies. As is known, development of the information and educational environment satisfying modern requirements, creation of a new generation of academic and methodological literature, e-publications, dictionaries, science fiction books so as to ensure a qualitative educational effect and high spiritual and moral education of an individual are the priority aspects of the Turkmen state in this field.

A variety of cartographical materials presented by the “Kartografiya” State Scientific and Production Enterprise (Ukraine) that is in great demand in conditions of global economic integration of countries was presented for the first time at the exhibition. These included educational and wall maps, atlases in history and geography, maps of cities and highways, office and tourist maps and their electronic variants, globes and geographic information systems. An exposition of music books covering all trends in musical art and education prepared by the “Composer” Russian Publishing House became a surprise for professional musicians and music lovers. The exposition reflected the whole spectrum of musical interests including academic literature, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, manuals and repertoire books.

The ceremony of opening the Stand of Honorary Guest became one of the brightest events in the framework of the exhibition. This year, it was represented by the delegation of Ukraine that has close intergovernmental relations with our country in all priority fields including culture and education. The exposition united the leading publishing centres of Ukraine such as Lybit, Mystetztvo, Kartografiya, Naukova Dumka of the National Academy of Sciences, Grani-T Public Corporation and the Pocketbook Trading House and frequent participant to the book fairs in Ashgabat, the Ukrainian Printing Academy. This institution of higher education, one of the leading research and educational centres training researchers and highly-qualified specialists in all fields of the printing and publishing activities, became the alma mater for many Turkmen printing workers. Nowadays, under the bilateral intergovernmental agreements over 50 Turkmen students, future managers, publishers, editors, designers and process engineers of a new generation study at the Academy.

The versatile programme of the Honorary Guest events held within the framework of the International Book Fair included the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of a great Ukrainian poet T. Shevchenko in Ashgabat. A meeting between Ukrainian children’s writers and poets and Turkmen children was held in a bright festive atmosphere. The presentation of the new books including the book “Ahalteke Horse is Our Glory and Pride” by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the collections of Magtymguly’s poems and book “The Grandson Who Makes His Grandfather's Dream Come True” in the Ukrainian language was one of the remarkable events. During the meeting with Turkmen counterparts it was noted that all this was the important steps of cooperation in publication and translation of the books in history, art and traditions of the two friendly nations in both languages. The Poketbook Trading House made presentation of the new electronic book containing the full course from the first to eleventh forms.

The humanitarian and educational goals were an essential component of the programmes of other participants of the international book fair that highlighted the huge potential of an international spiritual and cultural dialogue.

Representatives of The Oxford University and University of Bath (the United Kingdom), University of California (the USA), who had accepted the invitation of the Turkmen State Publishing Service to take part in the book forum, showed a deep interest in establishing close collaboration and enhancing contacts in the spheres of science and education. The wide spectrum of issues including the prospects for cooperation, exchange of experiences, design of training programmes, exchange of students, provision of scientific and academic basic literature on foreign language teaching, business management and economy, training of highly-qualified managerial personnel were the focus of the meeting with the renowned scientists R. Elliot and V. Crawford.

The exhibition showcased the impressive achievements of the domestic book publishing sector which were stipulated by the rapid growth of the industry in the epoch of new Revival. Bright colours and high quality of printed products manufactured by Turkmen printing workers in compliance with international standards were focused on during the scientific conference held in the framework of the book fair. Conference participants included publishers, writers, book sellers and higher educational institutions underlined the profound culturological significance of the book fair and its informative and educational content that reflected the outstanding changes in all spheres of life of the Turkmen people. Emphasis was put on the high level of organization of the forum in Ashgabat.

V International Exhibition Fair “Book - the Way to Cooperation and Progress” gave a powerful incentive to facilitate the integration processes in the common humanitarian environment, the free development and exchange of cultural and educational values. Participants of V International Exhibition Fair donated a rich collection of printed products displayed in the exposition to the people of Turkmenistan.

Diplomas and certificates and were awarded to forum participants in various nominations during the closing ceremony.

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