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Energy international exhibition and conference opened in Ashgabat


III International Exhibition and Conference on the Key Vectors in Development of Power Industry in Turkmenistan organized by the Ministry of Energy and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan was opened at the Exhibition Centre on October 1, 2010.

The large-scale exposition arranged on the vast territory of the Exhibition Centre included over a hundred of stands and pavilions of various foreign companies, corporations, Turkmen energy companies and departments of allied industries, and Turkmen entrepreneurs.

The exhibition and conference brought together a many foreign participants representing over 50 companies from 17 countries including the United States, Russia, China, France, Switzerland, UAE, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom. Most participants represent the enterprises that manufacture and procure equipment, develop the technologies for producing, supplying and distributing electric power.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan and its subdivisions including the Turkmenenergo State Corporation, the Turkmenmasingurlusik State Concern, the Ashgabadenergo Production Association, the Sun Institute, the Turkmenenergoproekt Institute and others showcase their achievements. Over 60 Turkmen enterprises participate in III International Exhibition and Conference.

The cabinet ministers, deputies of the national Parliament, high-ranking officials of relevant ministries and departments took part in the ceremony.

The reputable representation of foreign participants including world-renowned companies, long-term as well as potential partners of our country, illustrates keen interest of the international business community in the energy exhibition. These include GENERAL ELECTRIC, ENERGY (US), SIEMENS AG (Germany), BEE ENERGY GROUP (UK), TESAR (Italy), SERGI HOLDING (France), ALSTOM (Switzerland), Joint Stock Corporation Baltic Energy Company (Russia) and many others from such countries as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan and the regions of the Russian Federation.

Each participant tried to showcase the potential of a company or enterprise, successful projects and latest scientific and industrial developments, future projects and technologies for developing safe and efficient energy system, concrete proposals for collaboration in Turkmenistan.

Presentations of partners’ potential from the first minutes turned into a lively exchange of views on important issues, talks involving responsible persons and collective discussion of the prospects for cooperation.

The topics under discussion included know-how and intelligence systems developed by experts in compliance with the environmental standards. The demand for innovations combining the strategy and mechanism for their realization became a notable feature of the exhibition that testifies to the establishment of a new way of thinking in such capital-intensive industry such as energy, where adoption of new developments is justified only by practical benefit and safety. For Turkmen specialists, concretization of practical benefits rather than abstract theories became the criterion for evaluating these projects.

The expositions of the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan and its structural divisions, numerous enterprises operating in this sector of Turkmen economy showcasing their achievements, successful projects and innovations developed by Turkmen engineers were of peculiar interest for the guests of our country.

In the afternoon the conference focusing on the vectors of development of Turkmen power sector and promotion of mutually advantageous international cooperation in this field was opened in the conference hall of the Exhibition Centre.

During the conference foreign participants became acquainted with the basic aspects of Turkmenistan’s energy strategy and the vectors of the implementation of the comprehensive program for modernization of existing power supply networks, enhancement of power generation capacities and export potential. Such issues as application of advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, optimization of energy systems and enhancement of their efficiency, profitability of innovations and other aspects of the energy policy were discussed.

The most important idea stated at the conference was that the increased energy potential of Turkmenistan along with the real steps and the measures taken by the national leader Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov to develop transnational infrastructure of reliable energy supply inspired profound respect and admiration, and, consequently, evoked intense interest of investors, business communities, large-scale companies in other states in establishing and expanding cooperation on a long-term basis. In this regard not only economic returns, which are an engine and guarantee of fruitful contacts, but also contribution to addressing energy challenges on the global agenda, the future of our planet are of particular importance.

Moving towards the progress and common wellbeing with every passing year our country finds more like-minded, serious and reliable partners as this is evidenced by the exhibition and conference, which will continue to work tomorrow. However, the first day leaves no doubts that the outcomes of the forums will add positive dynamics to the development of the national energy sector and international cooperation on this platform.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)


President’s welcoming statement

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov addressed the welcoming statement to participants of the International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on the Key Vectors of Development of Power Industry of Turkmenistan.

Congratulating participants on the opening of the forum, the leader of Turkmenistan said, in particular, “Currently, the rates of production of electric power, which is, in fact, one of the strategic resources and a national property of our country, are raised. Having gone beyond the domestic power supply market with confidence, the Turkmen power industry consistently enhances exports of electric power, which is in high demand on world markets, supplying uninterruptedly electric power to Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan for many years.

“Nowadays, we are resolutely building the national electric power export strategy and have identified the important goals set to the sector. The fundamental principals of the energy development model chosen by our country remain the effective use of the high-potential energy space to enhance close interstate cooperation, establish and strengthen mutual understanding and confidence. The steps taken in Turkmenistan as well as the programs planned for the future spotlight the essence of the long-term energy doctrine chosen by Turkmenistan.

“We have developed the strategic plans for transit of Turkmen energy exports to world markets that boost Turkmenistan’s economic growth as well as facilitate the integration of our country in the global system. The implementation of transnational gas and electric power infrastructure development projects not only contribute to economic, geopolitical and social progress, but also stand as a reliable factor for enhancing peace and stability, improving people’s welfare.

“Our Government creates the conditions conducive to fundamental modernization of the power sector, which is one of the strategic vectors of Turkmen economy. In the epoch of Revival and fundamental reforms a number of supermodern power stations have been built and put into operation in our country, the task-oriented measures are taken to reconstruct existing industrial facilities. The strategic goals set forth in the 2011-2030 National Social and Economic Development Program are aimed at stimulating effectively the output in the domestic power sector. In the near future the measures will be taken to modernize power distribution infrastructure, including transformers and small substations that will improve power supply to villages, settlements, etrap centers.

“Illimitable wealth of the generous Turkmen land and the profound energy potential of our country are entirely placed at the service of our people and used to improve the standards of living of every citizen. For years, natural gas and electric power are supplied to citizens of our country; the prices for other energy sources remain quite nominal and much lower than those in foreign countries. Emphasis should be put on the significant work to be done to ensure sustainable development of the power sector and structure further the system for managing national wealth in order to steadily improve our people’s welfare.

“The enormous potential of the domestic fuel and energy sector, an atmosphere of unity and cohesion reigning in our society, steady progress, favorable geopolitical location of Turkmenistan as well as innumerable riches hidden in the depths of the Turkmen land lay the firm foundation for fulfilling the tasks and achieving the goals.

“I firmly believe that the International Exhibition and Conference organized by the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan will be an effective tool to widely present outstanding progress made by the power sector of Turkmenistan in the epoch of new Revival and great reforms and vividly illustrate the palette of large-scale measures taken towards this goal.

“The forum will give incentives to reach new heights in boosting the power sector, modernize its technological infrastructure, present the current state and the strategy for developing the domestic power sector to the world community and contribute to deepening mutually advantageous interstate cooperation, specifying the key fields of fruitful contacts with companies interested as well as creating a favorable atmosphere for exchange of views and experiences between Turkmen power engineers and their foreign counterparts.”

01.10.2010 22:08

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