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Steady pace of Turkmenistan


State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) informed about the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on October 8, 2010
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers to review the socio-economic progress made by the country for nine months of the current year and the other priority issues of the state policy.
Underscoring the critical role of science and its great significance in ensuring social progress and steadily improving people’s welfare, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that under current conditions the effective development of any country, any state was determined particularly by the intellectual potential of the nation.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov specified the steps to be taken to further build up the scientific, engineering and technical potential of the country. In particular, these included the institution of the position of the Vice Premier in charge of the spheres of science, technologies and innovations in the organisational structure of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan. According to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan G. Mezilov was appointed Vice Premier in charge of the spheres of science, technologies and innovations.
Vice Premier T. Japarov reported on the socio-economic progress made by Turkmenistan for nine months of the current year, the measures taken to optimize the work of the economic sector and the progress in implementing the rural development programmes.
It was noted that the macroeconomic indicators testified to sustainable development of all sectors of the national economy. The GDP growth rate, which made up 105.7 percent, was maintained. This had been achieved particularly through the production growth in the construction, transport and communications, trade and services, and agricultural sectors.
The volume of investments allocated for the development of the national economy from all sources of financing grew by 26.4 percent as compared to the same period of 2009.
In January-September 2010 the growth rate of retail turnover made up 116.7 percent.
Minister of Finance A. Gochyev reported on the implementation of the State budget in January-September 2010. In particular, the Minister noted that the budget revenues had been implemented to 110.7 percent and the budget expenditures to 94.7 percent. Wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships had been paid in a timely manner. 75.5 percent of the budgetary funds had been allocated for the implementation of the social policy.
Minister of Economy and Development B. Hojamammedov reported on the progress in implementing the President’s Programme on improvement of the social and living standards in villages, settlements, towns in etraps and etrap centres for the period of 2020.
The Minister said the yearly plan under this programme had been implemented at 107.3 percent.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that the GDP in Turkmenistan consistently increased: in January-August 2010 this economic indicator had grown by 6 percent. Substantial investments were made in the national economy. The volume of investments increased by 130 percent, and the wages growth rates rose by 12.8 percent.
Thus, fundamental reforms and large-scale changes taking place in the country had produced positive results. The share of the industry, the growth of which made up over 8 percent in the past three years, and export-oriented sectors of the national economy grew in the GDP that ensured a steady influx of currency earnings to the budget. The exchange rate was maintained. Inflation was controlled within the specified parameters.
The President instructed to develop the programme of the state visit of the Turkmen governmental delegation to foreign countries and the visits of foreign leaders to our country as well as international conferences scheduled for 2011.

In conclusion the Turkmen leader wished good health, wellbeing and every success in the work for the benefit of the Motherland to those present.

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