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Exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements opens in Ashgabat


The exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements focusing on advancements and key vectors for the further development of the national economy has opened at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat on October 17, 2010. The international scientific conference “Independent Neutral Turkmenistan – the Country of Great Accomplishments” will be conducted in the framework of the forum.
The organizers of the annual economic exhibition timed to the 19th anniversary of independence by the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Institute of Strategic Planning and Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.
Turkmen ministries and sectoral departments, industrial enterprises and organisations, leading producers and designers will arrange the expositions at the Exhibition Centre. The three-day forum is aimed at showcasing the achievements of Turkmen economy moving forward along the path of modernization and innovative developments, the outcomes of ongoing large-scale reforms and completed projects.
The cross-sector exposition will vividly demonstrate the progress and achievements in such sectors of the national economy as oil and gas production, petrochemistry and chemistry, power production and supply, machinery building, textile industry, pharmaceutics, printing, construction and architecture, ecology and environmental protection, agriculture, processing and food industry, tourism, interior design and furniture production.
The major aspects of the economic policy of the Turkmen state include development of the business sector and export-oriented industries manufacturing the end products. In this regard, the pavilions of key sectors of the national economy will demonstrate fully the growing export potential and the strong position of competitive domestic products on world markets.
Also, the exhibition will be n opportunity to learn about the pace of reforms and the prospects for the development of rural areas, where advanced technologies and best international practises are actively applied. The private sector that plays an increasingly significant role in the national economy will showcase its growing potential at the exhibition.
The aim of the scientific conference is to present on a wider scale the economic potential and role of the country in global economic processes and identify the prospects for further development and the most effective and efficient approaches to adopting innovations and new technologies.
In our country business forums of this kind have become an effective tool, which enable Turkmenistan to comply with the pace of drastic changes and meet demands and opportunities of the modern world given its realities and prospects. By the way, guests of honour of this exhibition will be participants of II International Investment Forum of Turkmenistan, which will open in Ashgabat on October 18. Forum participants and heads of ministries and departments are expected to hold meetings and business talks in the framework of the exhibition.
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave the welcoming statement to participants and guests of the exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements.
“I would like to heartily congratulate you on the opening of the Exhibition of economic achievements organized to mark the 19th anniversary of the independence of the neutral Turkmen state and showcase the outcomes of diligent selfless labour of our people, and the scientific conference “Independent Neutral Turkmenistan - the Country of Great Achievements,” the President said in the statement. “Today Turkmenistan is known worldwide as a dynamically developing politically stable state with the steadily increasing standards of living, as the largest centre of unity in not only in the Asian region but also on the planet. Neutral Turkmenistan stands committed to the positive foreign policy that opens up vast opportunities to intensify the growth of all sectors of the national economy, construction of enterprises and other facilities meeting modern standards, produce products able to compete on world markets. This has enabled our sovereign Motherland rank worthily among countries in the world with the richest resource and economic potential in a short historical period.
“The construction of the Turkmenistan-China pipeline and the North-South transport corridor, the creation of the Avaza national tourism zone on the Caspian seashore and other successful ongoing large-scale projects are the results of our high achievements, which of national as well as regional significance.
“We take particular efforts to enhance the production potential of the oil and gas, chemical and processing industries, the agro-industry sector, to develop transport infrastructure. Large-scale changes are taking place in the agricultural and construction sectors, the oil and gas, chemical, power, textile and food industries, the spheres of education, health care, medical industry, services sector.
“Developing rural areas, consistently making investments in the agricultural sector, cultivating virgin lands, we have made great progress in achieving food security of the country.
“The construction of dozens and weaving mills supplied with state-of-the art equipment, textile complexes with the full-scale production – from processing raw cotton to manufacturing the end products – ensues the dynamic development of the industry, creation of new jobs and a rise in profits.
“The establishment of a healthy lifestyle in our society, promotion of sport and physical culture and development of modern health infrastructure are the essential aspects of the Heath National Programme. Besides medical establishments, the health sector comprises sanatoriums and resort, sport, tourist and recreation facilities.
“Our pride is secondary and higher educational institutions, kindergartens put into operation in recent years. A qualitatively new approach to education and training of the younger generation is a main sign of the epoch of great reforms. This essential task is one of the priorities of the development strategy of the Turkmen state.
“The exhibition of economic achievements is to demonstrate once again the outstanding outcomes of constructive labour of our happy people, who enhance the economic strength of independent neutral Turkmenistan.
“Everyone, who will visit the exposition, will receive the firsthand information about impressive achievements gained in the economic and cultural sectors and make sure how much the united, solidary people can achieve and even work a miracle.
“Wonderful apartment houses, cultural facilities, high-quality products and commodities produced at modern enterprises supplied with equipment made by world’s leading manufacturers, high-quality services rendered in various fields and other our outstanding achievements are not but a miracle worked by citizens of Turkmenistan.
“At the exhibition representatives of enterprises, institutions and organisations, private entrepreneurs, whose products and services can be seen in their pavilions, can exchange views and experiences, discuss issues of mutual interest, establish mutually advantageous partnership. The scientific conference will be an opportunity for participants to put forward new scientific ideas for the further development of the national economy in the epoch of new Revival and great change, the strengthening of its position in the world economy.”

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