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Turkmenistan in the mirror of the world press


The anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan widely celebrated last week ranks among international events, which aroused keen interest in the world’s political and diplomatic circles and foreign journals and newspapers, which dedicated articles, analytical series and thematic issues to Turkmenistan.
Thus, the pages of the last issue of an authoritative French journal “La Revue Parlementaire” (Parliamentary reporter) presented the materials under the title “Turkmenistan: new East”. The word ‘new’ became crucial for the content of all articles entitled “New Era”, “New Word in Politics”, “New Country”, “New Projects”. The articles tell about the epoch of new Revival in Turkmenistan, the transformations that have radically changed the appearance of the country, the policy of reforms of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and innovation projects implemented successfully in the young independent state, which has chosen positive neutrality as its foreign policy strategy.
La Revue Parlementaire informed the readers about the significant events taking place in the country within the last years in the context of development of Turkmenistan’s international relations, enhancement of its prestige in the world arena, the economic growth of the state, strengthening of its role on the international market as well as the changes launched in the country. Particular attention is paid to the reorganization of government administration and formation of a socially oriented market economy, law society, rapid increase of the export capacity of the country and dynamic development of entrepreneurship. Also, the articles tell about the publication of the first private newspaper “Rysgal”, creation of the Avaza seaside resort on the Caspian Sea coast and many other things that today has become a part of everyday life of the Turkmen people. And, of course, the specificities of the Turkmen neutrality and Turkmenistan’s peacekeeping initiatives have a special place in the journal.
The materials are illustrated with the photos with the picturesque scenes of the Turkmen capital and provide the information on the major social and economic indicators including trade with leading foreign partners, in particular France.
The Turkmen leader’s visit to Paris this February and top level bilateral talks offered a powerful impetus and new dynamics to fruitful Turkmen-French relations. The photo depicting Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Nicolas Sarkozy shaking hands friendly was placed on the cover page of the new issue of “La Revue Parlementaire” vividly illustrates that France pays significant importance to relations actively developed between our countries.
Another popular international periodical “AMERICA @ The WORLD” (“America and the World”) presents the article “Turkmenistan - 15 Years of Neutrality” in its December issue. On behalf of the readers the editorial board congratulates President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the Turkmen people on the 15th anniversary of neutrality and wishes peace, welfare and further prosperity to our country. The article focuses on Turkmenistan’s peacekeeping role in the region and the world.
It is said in the article that state neutrality is a unique phenomenon in the modern world which faces numerous wars, large and small armed conflicts and terrorist acts, which take away hundreds of thousands of lives. The harm caused by war undermines global economy and ecology, destroys human psychic moral of human society cultivating the evil and destruction instead of the ideas of creativity and progress.
In this context, the article puts emphasis on the noble mission of Turkmenistan which affirms the lofty human values such as justice, good neighbourliness and mutual assistance in its policy of peace and neutrality. The article concludes that “the policy pursued by President of Turkmenistan, the Government and the people set an example for the international community showing the way that will help human civilization to enter a new era of progress.
“Dialog Avrasya” or “DA” is an influential international periodical that brings together journalists of CIS countries and Turkey. “Dialog Avrasya” dedicated a special issue with the subsections “Turkmenistan opens to the world”, “Diplomacy of Peace, Cooperation and Progress”, “From National Interests to the Global Energy Component”, etc. to the 15th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan. The articles reflects on the concept of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy, development of international relations of the country, provides the in-depth analysis of the 15-year history of the Turkmen state that takes consistent efforts to implement the principles and guidelines of neutrality and tells about the major events and vast opportunities opened up on this path.
Certainly, the article “Turkmenistan Becomes Paradise for Tourists” about the unprecedented project of the Avaza national tourism zone and “Education Reform: increasing the intellectual potential of the nation” will be of keen interest to the readers. The article “Strategy of Health: Resource Approach” is dedicated to the national health system and President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s outstanding role in introducing international standards to this field. The publications “Textile Industry: Resolute Steps towards World Market”, “Green Belt of Gold Karakum Desert”, “Turkmenistan - a Country of Festivals”, ‘Heavenly Horses of the Turkmens” and other interesting publications tell about the traditions, crafts, cover various aspects of Turkmenistan’s social and economic development.
The article quoting President of Turkey Abdullah Gul “The relations between Turkey and Turkmenistan are wider than usual bilateral relations” in its heading is dedicated to Turkmen-Turkish cooperation. The interview with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Professor Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu published on the pages of the issue continues this theme.
It should be noted that the 130-page issue is richly illustrated with photographs depicting the landmarks in the life of our country and people, unforgettable moments of the significant events including international meetings and talks, successful implementation of large-scale projects such as the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline, newly-constructed buildings adorning Turkmenistan and the beauty of the Turkmen land. The colourful illustrations capturing age-old rituals and modern national art, Turkmen art of carpet weaving and festivities add bright colours to this issue. All this draw the unique image of our country - hospitable, open to good friends and neighbours, everything new and positive, cherishing their history and building their happy future.
The joy that is not share is not a joy, says the popular wisdom. And today we share our joy with the world following the wise custom of our ancestors, because the larger an area of friendship, more reliable and stronger the ties between people.
Together with our brothers and those who hold the same views we celebrated another landmark date in the life of our country and people - the 15th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan, the glorious anniversary, which will go down into history of our country as a new milestone on the path of sovereign development of our Motherland in the epoch of great reforms.

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