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Strengthening mutually advantageous Turkmen-Iranian cooperation


Strengthening mutually advantageous Turkmen-Iranian cooperation

The V specialized commodity exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Turkmen-Iranian business forum have opened the doors for visitors at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat today. A regular exposition of Iranian goods again brings together leading companies from the neighbouring friendly country willing to present innovative technologies and equipment in the Turkmen capital thus contributing to further enhancement of mutually advantageous cooperation.

Manufacturers of specialized machinery and equipment, building and finishing materials, food products, household chemicals and a wide range of consumer goods participate in the exhibition that has become traditional. To consolidate their positions on the promising Turkmen market they intend to offer innovations and know-how, high-quality products.
A notable event in the framework of the economic forum will be the Turkmen-Iranian business forum that provides a platform for meetings and talks between the business circles and representatives of sectoral ministries and departments. It will promote lively discussions focusing on the ways to expand further mutually advantageous economic cooperation.

Our countries are the old and dependable partners have the lengthy common border and long-term experience of collaboration in the humanitarian and economic sectors. Intensity of bilateral contacts is illustrated by the exhibition of Turkmen goods that was held in the Iranian town of Mashhad a month ago. This representative economic forum aroused intense interest of Iranian partners, showcased the increasing export potential of our country and vividly illustrated its openness for mutually advantageous cooperation and its readiness to integrate widely in world market.

The Turkmen-Iranian business forum that has started its work in the Turkmen capital today will become a new step to enhance versatile cooperation between the two friendly states. Active expansion of this partnership with neighbouring and remote countries that is to ensure adoption of best practices and advanced technologies and open the way for Turkmen goods to world market is an important task of the reforms initiated by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the open door policy that is Turkmenistan’s strategic choice, its incontestable priority.
The three-day exhibition will close on February 23. The exposition of Iranian goods vividly testifies to exceptional attractiveness of the Turkmen market for foreign partners and the commitment of Turkmenistan and Iran to traditional relations of friendship and mutually advantageous cooperation in the interests of the two neighbouring nations.


Iranian commodity exhibition of and Turkmen-Iranian business forum in Ashgabat

The V specialized commodity exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Turkmen-Iranian business forum are opened for visitors at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat. It is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan jointly with the Mashhad International Exhibition Company, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Cabinet ministers, representatives of ministries and department, heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to Turkmenistan, the public organisations of the Galkynysh National Movement, journalists, people and numerous guests of Ashgabat attended the exhibition opening ceremony.
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave the welcome address to forum participants. The Turkmen leader expressed belief that the exhibition and business forum would play a significant role in promoting further partnership between specialists and businessmen of our states and specifying the areas of economic cooperation under new promising projects.

Over 80 leading companies representing various industries of Iranian economy arranged the exposition in the pavilions of the Exhibition Centre. Among them are such companies as Bedhad Chemical, Ramplast, Mehr Avand, Razavi Trading, Iran Dairy and many others from the large industrial centres of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The leading enterprises manufacturing industrial equipment, domestic appliances, construction materials and electrical equipment, food products and household chemicals – the wide spectrum of consumer goods and production of various branches of Iranian economy are represented in the thematic sections of the exposition.
The three-day economic forum provided numerous visitors with an opportunity to see the large-scale and multi-aspect exposition that showcased advanced technologies and innovations of Iranian manufacturers.

An increasing attention paid by foreign businessmen to Turkmen economy testifies to the intense interest in the very promising and dynamically developing Turkmen market, and Turkmenistan, in its turn, is interested in attracting best international practices. In this context the Iranian commodity exhibition became a new step to promote the open door policy effectively pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, enhance partnerships with leading foreign companies and adopt advanced and innovative technologies.
Thus, the exhibition served as an exhibition area as well as open platform for business meetings and talks aimed at intensifying further Turkmen-Iranian cooperation and establishing new mutually beneficial contacts.

* * *

The Turkmen-Iranian business forum became a new step to strengthen fruitful trade and economic cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The forum was held in the conference hotel of the President Hotel.

The business meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan brought together cabinet ministers of Turkmenistan and the members of the IRI government delegation, who had arrived to the Turkmen capital to take part in the V specialized commodity exhibition and the Turkmen-Iranian business forum, heads of ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and the delegation of the Iranian companies including Sepahan Industrial Group, Atrak Simmi Sarg Industrial Group, Piruzbar Golbahar, Sahrud Cement, Khorasan Dairy Industries, Nejati-Anata, Hasim Gohal and others.
The foreign guests highly evaluated the increasing dynamics of Turkmen-Iranian relations built on mutual respect and good neighbourliness that had a positive impact on expansion of bilateral trade and economic cooperation rapidly developed at the present time.

In his opening remarks Commerce Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mehdi Ghazanfari expressed deep gratitude to President of Turkmenistan for the opportunity to arrange this event, which contributed to bringing bilateral cooperation to a qualitatively new level. It was underlined that the Turkmen leader’s constructive foreign policy and the economic diversification programme launched in the Turkmen economy had given powerful incentives to foster the centuries-old Turkmen-Iranian ties today.
It was also noted that 144 enterprises with the Iranian capital share operated in Turkmenistan, and to date 83 investment projects had been registered in our country. In 2010 Iran was one of the leading trade partners of Turkmenistan, and Iran’s share in the trade volume of Turkmenistan had increased by nearly 15% in this period.

The participants’ reports ‘illustrated’ with the documentary films about the economies of Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran spotlighted the readiness of the two countries to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation in such sectors as agriculture, water, building materials and food industries, household chemistry and consumer goods manufacturing.
It was noted that Turkmen-Iranian cooperation had substantial resources to establish partnerships in the entrepreneurial sector in particular. The private sector of the national economy plays an important role in saturating the domestic consumer market with goods and services, and it actively establishes economic contacts with business companies in the neighbouring country.
Particular attention was paid to the aspects of cooperation in the investment sector as a very promising sphere under the reconstruction and modernization plans. It was underlined that the conditions conducive to implementing investment projects and expanding economic partnership were created in Turkmenistan.

After concluding the plenary session of the business forum, Turkmen and Iranian businessmen and specialists of ministries and departments discussed the vectors for further cooperation in the format of bilateral meetings. The mutual readiness to diversify fruitful trade and economic cooperation built on a mutually beneficial basis was expressed during the meetings.

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