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Tourism and sport of Turkmenistan: huge potential and wide prospects for development


Tourism and sport of Turkmenistan: huge potential and wide prospects for development
The International Exhibition and Conference on Sport and Tourism in the Epoch of New Revival, which brought together numerous foreign guests on the Turkmen land, closed at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat. The forum vividly demonstrated huge potential and prospects for development of the national tourism industry and sport as well as foreign partners’ increasing interest in active cooperation in this sphere. Among participants of the forum are the world-known companies and firms specializing in the spheres of sport, transport and telecommunications as well as leading tour operators from Turkey, China, the UAE, Egypt, the United States, Austria, Russia, Iran, India, Croatia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Within three days hundreds of people and guests to the Turkmen capital visited the Exhibition Centre. Specialists working in this industry demonstrated particular interest in the exposition as they were offered with an opportunity to discuss the issues related to establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange ideas and concrete proposals.

The exposition arranged on the territory of the Exhibition Complex vividly illustrated the increasing interest of the world community in Turkmenistan, which demonstrates steadily progress in all spheres of life, as well as foreign partners’ aspiration for establishment of wide bilateral relations.

The unique natural landscapes and beauty of the Turkmen land, rich historical and cultural heritage of the nation, an integral part of which are ancient architectural monuments preserved till present times, as well as intensive development of hotel and spa infrastructure in Turkmenistan, were the focus of attention of the representatives of foreign companies specialising in the tourism industry. According to foreign partners Turkmenistan has great chances to become a largest tourist centre and the Avaza National tourism zone on the Caspian seaside with modern spa and health resort infrastructure attracts many large companies working in this sphere. Participants of the scientific conference unanimously noted that Turkmenistan, the motherland of ancient civilizations and an important link between the East and West has huge tourist potential.

Cooperation in the sphere of sport, which is an important aspect of the international humanitarian dialogue, is also considered to be very prospective one. Development of this sphere as well as promotion of Turkmen sport and physical training and health improvement movement are the priority aspects of the policy of the Turkmen state. That is vividly proved by construction of large and small sports facilities launched throughout the country. A bright symbol of the state policy in this sphere will be the unique Olympic Village in Ashgabat, which will be able to host various competitions at an international level.

The three-day forum provided the review on the modern status of the industry and the prospects for development of sport and tourism in Turkmenistan as well as offered its participants with an opportunity to discuss the potential of international cooperation in this important sphere. The forum participants exchanged their views on development of tourist routes and ideas on advertising policy and training of specialists. Representatives of the Turkmen state tourist enterprises and private tour operators presented their view on further development of the rich resort potential of the country. International experts, in their turn, introduced forum participants with the trends of development of the world tourism industry including new types of tourism.

Summing up the forum organized by the State Committee for Tourism and Sport and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, its participants expressed the necessity to continue the fruitful dialogue in order to stir up mutually beneficial partnership.

Within the framework of the forum closing ceremony diplomas and certificates were awarded to participants of the International Exhibition and Conference on Sport and Tourism in the Epoch of New Revival.

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