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White City – Ashgabat: the view into the future


White City – Ashgabat 19.04.2012

The ceremony of opening XI International Universal Exposition and Conference White City – Ashgabat that showcases the unprecedented changes taking place in the main city of the country took place at the Exhibition Centre in the Turkmen capital.
The forum organizers – the Ashgabat Khyakimlik and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry arranged the thematic expositions of particular interest for mutually beneficial cooperation, including construction and architecture, power industry, processing and light industry, design and other spheres related to urban planning and management that is impossible without the most advanced technologies.

The representatives of ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, companies from France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other countries take part in the exhibition. The long-term partners of Turkmenistan who have proved themselves at the Turkmen market, as well as potential partners demonstrating keen interest in establishing business relations on a long-term basis demonstrate their potential and present the offers for successful cooperation.
The cabinet ministers, heads of the Mejlis, major public organisations, diplomatic missions and international organisations accredited to our country, journalists and numerous citizens and guests of the Turkmen capital participated in the opening ceremony.

In the welcoming statement to participants and organizers of the international forum President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed belief that the exhibition and conference would profoundly contribute to fostering and developing the efficient scientific and technological cooperation, as well as trading and economic relations, and exchanging experience.
The exhibition occupying the vast territory of the Expo Centre is the presentation of the stages of promotion of the urban development policy of Turkmenistan and the contributions of various sectors to implementing the national programmes aimed at improving the people’s welfare and creating the conditions of dignified labour and recreation of citizens and a vivid illustration of collaboration with foreign companies in a variety of national projects and the prospects for expansion of international cooperation.

The exposition presents high-tech equipment, toolware, building and finishing materials, computer and communication technologies, achievements in the health, transport and communications, textile and food industries, the progress in environmental protection, promotion of sports and tourism, development of the research, personnel and cultural potential, in a word all those things that the image of a big city is formed from. The sections represented by the food and agro-industrial complex, trading sector, and others aroused keen interest among the visitors. The Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan showcases the most ‘green’ pavilion, and the stand of the Ashgabat Khyakimlik has been the most ‘blooming’. It is notable that Turkmen private entrepreneurs and commodity producers also demonstrate their potential at the exhibition.
A variety of construction and specialized machines and equipment produced by world’s leading manufacturers are displayed on the outdoor exposition areas.
Particular attention was paid to the ecologically conscious systems and energy-saving technologies aimed at addressing key urbanization issues, the projects on ‘intellectual’ infrastructure and ‘intelligent’ devices for public green spaces that will allow maintaining the favourable environment in the city and contributing to nature protection, and addressing global ecological problems.

The prospective plans of developing the Turkmen capital attract attention of large investors and contractors, producers and business-circles wishing to take an active part in implementation of the large-scale programmes for development and improvement of Ashgabat. Within the framework of the four-day exhibition the main city of the country has become a platform for wide discussions of the urban planning issues, developing the system of municipal transportation, communications and telecommunications, the sphere of personal services and trade.
The exhibition has provided the forum participants with an opportunity to present new projects and offers, and the foreign guests – to learn more about achievements of various branches and structures of the Turkmen national economic complex representing the industrial, cultural and intellectual potential of Ashgabat, and its huge social and economic resources and possibilities.

The International Conference White City – Ashgabat started in the Turkmen capital 20.04.2012

In the afternoon the White City – Ashgabat International Conference began the work in the conference hall of the Expo Centre within the framework of the XI International Universal Exhibition. After the forum opening ceremony that brought together of representatives of departments and sectors of the national economy, top managers and specialists of foreign companies and numerous guests of the country was concluded, a film about white-marble Ashgabat that was transforming into one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities in the world was demonstrated.
The plenary session spotlighted on the conceptual aspects of architecture and urban planning, the prospects for development of transport and energy infrastructure of Ashgabat. The presentations and reports presented at the session spotlighted the issues such as promotion of the urban development strategies through adoption of advanced technologies and international practices, enhancement of the role of the private sector in implementing urban development programmes, power supply to the capital for the mid and long term, etc.

The major topics considered by foreign participants in their reports and presentations included the use of the advanced world experience in the construction sector, in particular the issues of increasing the reliability and strength of structures under construction, ecological safety, etc. Participants put emphasis on the informative value and importance of conducting such events that provided an opportunity to identify the priorities, areas and potential for expanding further partnerships in particular sectors and international cooperation in whole.

The interest in the conference is obvious and clear. Gaining the status of a large business and cultural center in Central Asia, the recognized center of international cooperation, the Turkmen capital has embodied the unique model of a modern, dynamically developing city – the city of the future that harmoniously combines the beauty and comfort, the most advanced achievements of construction industry, engineering and technological innovations and the centuries-old traditions of the national architecture. The guests to the Turkmen capital and the citizens of Ashgabat as well are surprised how rapidly the familiar to them streets and squares change their view gaining particular expressiveness, and individuality.
The urban planning programme implemented in Ashgabat covers all spheres of life of the modern city, including industry, transport and communications, financial and banking sector, education, healthcare, culture, tourism and sport. The National programmes implemented in the Turkmen capital on the initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov as well as the priorities of the state policy, including diversification of the national economy, market reforms, creation of new enterprises, innovative and science-consuming industries, support to the small and medium business envisage development of the Turkmen capital.
The interested discussions of these and other topics promoted to defining the ways for further collaboration offering a new format and incentive to it.


White City – Ashgabat: the view into the future 22.04.2012

The ceremony of closing X Universal Exhibition White City – Ashgabat took place at the Exhibition Centre. The conference focusing on further development of the Turkmen capital and the priority areas of cooperation in this context was conducted in the framework of the forum.
The scale and popularity of the annual forum increase with every passing year along with the interest of the representatives of business circles, including not only leading Turkmen producers, but the largest foreign companies that see further development of Ashgabat as providing great opportunities and good prospects for forming a major international centre of business and investment activities here. It should be noted that international exhibitions organized on a regular basis in our country is also an important instrument to improve the quality of products and services supplied to the Turkmen market.

Within four days thousands of people of Ashgabat and guests to the Turkmen capital visited the Exhibition Center and learned more about the grandiose changes taken place in the main city of our country and the prospects for its development. Various exhibits and samples of products manufactured by leading ministries and departments, municipal khyakimlik, as well as Turkmen entrepreneurs and foreign companies, including the long-term partners of our country and those wishing to take part in implementation of the unprecedented urban planning programme that is aimed at making the Turkmen capital more beauty and cozy, were showcased in the exposition halls.

And again a key success factor of the White City – Ashgabat Exhibition is that it satisfies in the optimal way the continuously increasing requirements of the market, on which interindustry collaboration plays a growing role. An exceptional importance of business cooperation between professionals is conditioned nowadays by rapid scientific and technological advance. The innovative nature of the development of the Turkmen capital underlies the urban planning concept. The universal exhibition in Ashgabat has significantly enhanced the opportunities to learn about latest, most impressive and significant technologies that can be adopted in Turkmenistan in the near future.
The energy and construction sectors, the spheres of education, healthcare and medical industry, science, tourism and sports, transport and communications, the national agro-industrial complex, food industry and other agencies demonstrated their potential, successes and results of the large-scale projects taken place in our country. Along with diverse industrial production, foodstuff, and applied art articles, the large investment projects, innovations, modern equipment used in various spheres, as well as wide opportunities for developing international cooperation based on the huge resources of the country were presented during the exhibition.

Many commodity producers put emphasis on technologies that allowed increasing the operating efficiency of engineering and urban communications networks in areas through applying energy-efficient, automated and computer systems. The topicality of the concepts of mobile facilities and constructions, compact remote control devices of various parameters increases nowadays that was reflected in the exposition.
The business programme of the universal exhibition including presentations, marketing actions, meetings, talks and consultations aroused keen interest of the specialists. Noting that the forum became an opportunity to establish new contacts and enhance existing collaboration, the top managers of foreign companies and corporations expressed the willingness to participate on a regular basis in specialized and sectoral exhibitions conducted in Ashgabat. It was emphasized that XI Universal Exhibition presented a clear view of the market trends in Turkmenistan and an opportunity to build the plans for the future.

The core of the business programme was the conference that provided the detailed analytical information about the strategy for long-term development of Ashgabat, ongoing large-scale investment projects and new ideas that opened up new opportunities for foreign investors.
According to those speaking during the conference the prospects for developing the Turkmen capital are very impressive that is proved by significant investments, including into development and introduction of the automated control system, new energy-saving technologies, production of power efficient equipment and materials for industrial and civil construction. Large companies and potential investors expressed their interest in participation in these projects.
Within the framework of the ceremony of closing the White City – Ashgabat International Exhibition the forum participants received certificates and diplomas. The Address to the President of Turkmenistan was adopted by the organizers and participants of the exhibition and conference, who expressed gratitude to the Turkmen leader for providing assistance in conducting the forums as well as belief that fruitful and multifaceted cooperation would be developed further successfully.

So, the international forum closed. We’ll feel its results soon, when the projects will be implemented, and the readiness for partnership will gain practical continuation contributing to developing Ashgabat - the white-marble magic city, a symbol of peace and creativity on the ancient Turkmen land.

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