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Success of Turkmen artists at the 2012-EXPO


The national exposition of Turkmenistan at the 2012-EXPO


The solemn ceremony of opening of the national pavilion of Turkmenistan took place within the 2012-EXPO International Exposition in Yeosu, Korea. The high-ranking officials of our country, the heads of the ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, the representatives of the state and governmental structures of the Republic of Korea, as well as businessmen of the host country, foreign guests and, of course, the members of the big Turkmen delegation attended the ceremony.
There is no need to prove today that the wellbeing of people does not depend on how easily people will conquer nature, but on how reasonably they will treat it not just using its gifts and opportunities, but also helping to protect them from depletion and destruction. It was mentioned in the congratulatory address of the Director-General of the European Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. He also underlined the significance of the visit of the Turkmen delegation to Korea and participation of Turkmenistan in the 2012-EXPO given that this year the both countries celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations.

Expressing admiration for the rapid paces of the positive changes and economic growth of Turkmenistan achieved due to the energetic and reformatory policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the Director-General of the European Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea highly appreciated the increasing role of independent neutral Turkmenistan on the international arena, its active work within bilateral and multilateral formats. Emphasizing that the Turkmen leader's official visit to Korea in 2008 offered a powerful incentive to the partnership in various spheres - from energy resources to culture, the diplomat said that within the last four years the trade turnover between our countries had increased as much as ten times in spite of the global financial crisis . The high-ranking official as well as other speakers expressed belief that the exposition of Turkmenistan within the framework of 2012-EXPO would allow the Koreans and representatives of other countries to learn more about Turkmenistan and its potential.

After cutting the symbolic ribbon, all participants were invited to see the exposition of Turkmenistan dedicated to “Development and protection of coastal zones" disclosed in line with the general motto of the International exposition "Life of ocean and sea coast: diversity of resources and sustainable development ".
The structure of the exposition unites several areas: the Avaza National tourism zone, the Chamber of Commerce of Turkmenistan, the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Environment of Turkmenistan, the Fish Industry Committee of Turkmenistan and the Committee for Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan. The informative and visual richness of each of these areas allows visitors to learn more about the culture, history and the present day, the natural resources of Turkmenistan and its economic achievements in combination with the successes in implementing the environmental policies, including within the framework of the struggle against climate change.

A characteristic feature of the Turkmen exposition is the national colors. The national costumes, colorful Turkmen carpets, jewelry, ceramics, materials dedicated to legendary Ahalteke horses are showcased at the exposition with the aim to demonstrate the relationship between a man and nature through culture, art, traditions and heritage.

* * *

Within the framework of the business program of the national pavilion at the 2012-EXPO, the official representatives of the delegation of our country met with the Chairman of the organization committee of the International Exposition and the accredited representative of the Government of the Republic of Korea, EXPO Commissioner for International Relations, who shared their impressions of the Turkmen pavilion, and admired with its national flavor.
The representatives of the Republic of Korea expressed gratitude to Turkmenistan for participation in the International Exposition in Yeosu underlining the high level of organization of the Turkmen national exposition, its diversity and richness. During the meeting the sides discussed the issues of the preparations for the National Day of Turkmenistan at the 2012-EXPO on June 29, and the prospects for the Turkmen-Korean cooperation in the field of exhibition activities. In particular, it was noted that today Turkmenistan has strengthened its positions as a center of international forums, exhibitions and festivals, and has all chances to become the largest in Central Asia platform for establishing business and humanitarian relations between the countries of the world. In its turn, applying for the membership to the Bureau of International Expositions, Turkmenistan has expressed the interest in developing the dialogue in this sphere, and exchanging experience and new expo-technologies. Moreover, the sides exchanged their views on other promising areas of cooperation, which tremendous potential has been highly appreciated by many Korean businessmen, including a long-term partner of our country and one of the largest companies in South Korea - Hyundai Engineering, the Vice President of which took part in the meetings.

Within the framework of the first day of work of the Turkmen exposition at the 2012-EXPO, the representatives of several well-known Korean companies expressed their interest in establishing business contacts with Turkmenistan in a number of specific areas, including implementation of the project of the Avaza National Tourism Zone.
The International Exposition will work for three months till August 12.


Success of Turkmen artists at the 2012-EXPO


The second day of work of the exposition of Turkmenistan was held under the sign of creativity, national songs and dances. A real concert ‘marathon’ of Turkmen artists representing the colorful palette of the national musical culture to the audience speaking diverse languages took place on the outdoor stage between the exposition pavilions of various countries.
The Turkmen lyric melodies and fragments of destans in modern arrangement, stirring popular melodies based on folklore motifs, dances and colorful ethno-choreographic compositions were performed within the 2012-EXPO. An ancient and eternally young ritual dance Kushtdepti, which character rhythms conceal the amazing secret of attraction fascinating and exciting at the same time, wining any spectator was a great success.

Everything taken place on the improvised stage – a colorful field made from Turkmen carpets was recorded by video- and TV-cameras, and photographed. The great success of Turkmen artists became an ‘hour of triumph’ on the stages of the 2012-EXPO, and served as a powerful incentive to arousing the interest in our exposition among visitors. Upon completion of each performance people gathered near the entrance to the Turkmen pavilion to learn more about the country possessing the unique creative traditions, which, as if powerful roots, feed the great tree of the nation, and its spirit that imbued the guests to Turkmenistan at the International Exposition, who felt the cordiality, sincerity, friendliness, and hospitality of our people.

Among numerous visitors to the national exposition of Turkmenistan, there were journalists and news camera persons who were attracted with the cultural ‘boom’ near our pavilion. Sometimes, a detached observer catches something special that may have gone unnoticed ‘from within’ by force of its habitual specific character.

Thus, according to foreign journalists, the Turkmen pavilion is unique, first of all, due to its reality: unlike dozens other expositions, as if competing with each other in the most high-tech virtuality, the Turkmen pavilion provides the visitors with an opportunity to see the exposition in a digital format and on the screens of interactive monitors, but also to talk with people who can competently tell about any sphere of activity of our country, and answer the questions.
In other words, the ‘lively’ character of the Turkmen exposition has become its distinguished feature that is favourable for open, friendly, and interested dialogue, not only a simple survey of computerized designer’s projects.

It was also confirmed by the members of the delegations representing the CIS countries. All of them highly appreciated the friendly atmosphere and good aura of the Turkmen pavilion that attracts many visitors.

The organisers and participants of the Turkmen exposition familiarize with new exhibition technologies, the most advanced methods of presenting visual information that are very popular at the 2012-EXPO. Our specialists make notes of useful and interesting information and discuss it in the context of practical implementation generating new ideas and offers, drafting future projects.
Taking part in the International Exposition for the second time, developing useful experience of the international exposition activity and never stopping at what has been accomplished, Turkmenistan has started preparing for the next International Exposition in Milan in 2015.

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