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Achievements and prospects for development of the textile industry of Turkmenistan


Achievements and prospects for development of the textile industry of Turkmenistan

The International Exhibition on the Achievements and Prospects for Development of the Textile Industry of Turkmenistan was opened at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat on occasion of the remarkable date in the national calendar, the Day of Textile Worker of Turkmenistan.
The large-scale forum organized annually by the Ministry of Textile Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat has become one of the most prestigious expositions of textile goods in the region since it was held for the first time demonstrating successes and achievements of the Turkmen textile industry that occupies the leading positions at the world market.

The number and representation of participants vividly illustrate the intense interest of the business circles all over the world in the Turkmen textile industry that develops rapidly. This year the forum has brought together over 130 representatives of the leading companies and firms from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Korea, Russia, China and other countries, including long-term dependable partners and companies participating in the forum in the Turkmen capital for the first time.
At present over 80 percent of all products manufactured at the enterprises of the textile industry, including cotton spinning mills and textile complexes, weaving, garment, silk-processing factories are of great demand in more than 70 countries all over the world.

This year the international exhibition became a big showcase presenting the whole spectrum of significant achievements of the Turkmen textile industry. Numerous pavilions of the Turkmen enterprises demonstrated a wide range of high quality commodities meeting international standards that are exported to many world countries. These include cotton yarn, silk filament, cotton fabric, denim, terrycloth, knitted fabric, ready-made garments, silk fabric – ketene and panne velvet, beautiful silk carpets – that is not a complete list of goods exhibited in the pavilions of the textile complexes from Geoktepe, Kipchak, Bayramali and Ashgabat, the Turkmenbashi denim complex, cotton spinning mills, clothing factories and filatures.

The Ahal garment factory (Ashgabat), the Yenis garment factory (Mary), the Turkmenabat kerchief enterprise, the Bezeg factory (Yolotan) and other enterprises oriented a wide range of commodities including colourful children’s clothes and sportswear, shirts, bedclothes, household textiles that meet modern requirements set to industrial design all over the world.
The private textile enterprises that significantly contribute to flooding domestic market with a wide range of high quality goods, including ready-made garments of fashionable design, household textiles and a variety of accessories were represented at the exhibition. Foreign guests demonstrated keen interest in the looms made in line with ancient traditions that were demonstrated at the center of the exposition of the first floor. Turkmen skillful masters demonstrated the art of hand making silk cloth – ketene and embroidering.

A great number of foreign participants, over 70 companies and firms that presented their innovations and achievements at the exhibition, vividly illustrated the keen interest of foreign partners in strengthening fruitful cooperation with Turkmenistan in the textile industry.
Many of them are the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high-technology spinning, weaving and clothing equipment. The Demtex Turkmenistan Service Centre presented a combined exposition of computer-aided systems and advanced technologies developed by the German companies, including Trutzschler, Schlafhorst, Their, Oerlikon, Volkmann, Terrot and other firms. It is the first service centre, which opened in Ashgabat three years ago. It supplies state-of-the-art equipment and spare parts to the existing textile enterprises and facilities under construction as well.
Italian producers, including Marzoli, Savio, МСS, Itema, Canalair Companies showcased their achievements at a special stand. The Rieter Company (Switzerland) demonstrated the advanced technologies and equipment in the cotton-spinning sphere.

Turkish companies, which actively collaborate in construction of textile complexes and cotton spinning mills throughout Turkmenistan, presented the models of enterprises under construction.
The representatives of the Bezema Swiss Company and specialists of Korean companies presented high technologies for manufacturing dyestuffs and other chemical products that were widely used at textile enterprises and equipment for dyeing fabrics and manufacturing synthetic fibre and fabrics.
A colourful fashion show organized by the Ahgabat Fashion House, the Gulzaman Fashion House, development shops of textile complexes and garment factories followed the exhibition opening ceremony.
The brilliant fashion show presenting the models of famous designers Valentin Yudashkin (Russia), Yildyrym Mayruga (Turkey) and Kuralay Nurkadilova (Kazakhstan) was a wonderful present to the fans of high fashion.

The priority sector

Wealth of the Turkmen land, practice of successful cotton cultivation of many years, high potential of other kinds of agricultural raw material predetermined active development of textile industry in the country. Ranking among priority sectors of the national economy, this export-oriented sector fitted with up-to-date equipment dominates in commodity volume of light industry. Its accelerated development is of great importance in ensuring stable economic growth, employment of working population, upgrade of living standards.
The independence years have become the period of drastic restructuring and modernization of textile industry of Turkmenistan. Within this period, it has been erected over 30 large and medium textile complexes, plants and enterprises located in immediate proximity to the source of raw materials and providing full production cycle – from processing of cotton fiber up to production of finished products.

At present, the plants on processing of over 150 thousand tons of cotton fiber have been created in the textile industry. It exceeds 15 times the level of 1991. Such level has been provided owing to the construction of several tens of enterprises for production of various assortments of the import-substituting and export-oriented textile goods - cotton yarn, cotton cloths, woolen, silk, knitted fabrics, knitted articles and garments and others.
Dynamics of the growth paces of manufacture of major types of products: cotton yarn – over 20 times, cotton cloths – over 5 times, knotted fabric – nearly 3 times reflect development scale of the country’s textile industry within the twenty-year period. On the basis of the new enterprises, it was created joint ventures and joint-stock companies with the foreign capital.
The position of Turkmenistan, which manufactures competitive goods in the world rating of countries-producers of textile products, has been consolidated. Bulk of textile products, being manufactured in the country, is exported abroad, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Turkey, China, Ukraine and other countries.

Alongside with expansion of production and technical potential, the line on increase of assortment of production has been intensified in the textile industry. Within the last years, a series of large enterprises of the textile sector has been constructed. These are the Ashgabat textile complex, the cotton-spinning factory in Abadan, the panne velvet factory in Rukhabat etrap, the factory for production of medical cotton wool and cosmetic articles in Ashgabat, the cotton-spinning factory for production of mixed yarn from cotton and synthetic fiber in the Rukhabat etrap, the garment factory in Bereket, the cotton-spinning factory in the Akhal, Lebap and Dashoguz provinces and others. The new cotton-spinning factories are specialized in production of cotton yarn of ring spinning, which is in particular demand in the world textile market.

Within the framework of the “National Program of the President of Turkmenistan on socio-economic development of the country until 2012-2016”, it was envisaged further expansion of production potential in the textile sector. In 2012, it is planned to complete the construction of the complex of weaving and dyeing factories in the Rukhabat etrap for production of fabric from mixed yarn, which is in great demand in the world market. Putting into exploitation of new enterprises within 2012-2016 allows increasing the cotton yarn production nearly 1.5 times, and production of cotton cloths will increase over 1.3 times.
In accordance with the “National Program of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan until 2011-2030”, the role of one of the priority sectors is preserved by the textile industry in long-term outlook. The strategic goals of development of the textile sector have been set. It is the further satiation of home market, increase of volumes and diversification of export structure, rising of competitiveness of the national commodity producers, increase of share of production of high processing level and value added.


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