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International forum of horse breeding experts closed


The International Trade Fair and the V International Conference "Turkmen Horses and the World Art of Horse Breeding" closed in Ashgabat.
The trade fair and science conference brought together over a thousand of participants in the Exhibition Centre Sergi kosgi. The vast geography of the countries represented at the forum illustrates worldwide popularity of Turkmen horses: neighbouring states and countries of Europe and America, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia.

Leaders and experts of the horse associations, major horse breeding centres and racetracks, veterinary clinics, research centres and specialized educational institutions, leading manufacturers of horse equipment, harness and fodder, construction and consulting companies and business organisations specializing in different sectors of the horse industry were involved in the work of the exhibition and conference.

The Turkmen pavilions distinguished by the bright design solution and national colours of expositions aroused keen interest of our guests. The main motive of foreign businessmen, managers and market analysts of foreign companies were certainly business interests in entering the promising Turkmen market and establishing partnership in the spheres of horse breeding, equestrian sports and tourism.

The information and visual content of activities made it possible to present the modern day of Turkmenistan's horse industry, its export and investment prospects and the opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation since the concept of the exhibition and the conference was not only to arouse interest in Turkmenistan's expertise in equestrian business and promote the Ahalteke breed, but also to introduce advanced technologies in the practice of Turkmen professionals, i.e. the field the development of which was impossible without scientific and technical support. 

A lively discussion of the issues, such as the strengthening of material and technical base of horse breeding, new approaches to breeding pedigree stock to preserve the gene pool and increasing the elite stock of Ahalteke horses, conducting immunogenetic research and tests, organize international equestrian competitions, etc. took place in this context. Specialists considered the aspects of zootechnics and veterinary medicine, the global trends of hippology, professional training.

Also, the trade fair and conference provided participants with an opportunity to learn about the culture, history and traditions of the Turkmen people who assigned an important place to Ahalteke horses, economic achievements and social progress of Turkmenistan. Delegates of the international exhibition and trade fair participated in the celebrations in honour of Turkmen Horse Day. 

The International Trade Fair and the V International Conference "Turkmen Horses and the World Art of Horse Breeding" profoundly contributed to the development of the most effective instruments of cooperation in the horse industry to achieve a lasting and long-term success of all parties concerned and provided a platform for establishing fruitful contacts between Turkmen horse breeders and their foreign counterparts, admirers and connoisseurs of Ahalteke horses - the common heritage of the Turkmen nation and all mankind.


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