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National health care in the course of the world scientific and technological achievements


The solemn ceremony of opening of the Health-2013 International Exhibition and Scientific Conference took place in the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat.

Each year the International exhibition and scientific conference dedicated to the achievements of the health care system of Turkmenistan widens its ‘geography’ and increases the number of participants providing new ideas and approaches towards improvement of the model of the national medicine based on innovative technologies and wide international cooperation.

This year the International exhibition has brought together medical professionals from 46 world countries. The exposition showcases the exhibits presented by 258 foreign companies — manufacturers of a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and consumables offering services in various spheres of the health care system. By tradition, the old partners of our country representing Germany, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, China and the US take part in the exhibition.

The exposition demonstrates the most advanced diagnostic and laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical products manufactured based on natural medical plants, furniture, and hospital communication systems, sanitary and hygienic articles. Exhibitors demonstrate goods and services in the sphere of innovative medical technologies, etc.

The major part of the exposition is dedicated to the achievements of the medical industry of Turkmenistan. Among the exhibitors are the state institutions and private companies. Special stands tell about the work of leading scientific and clinical centers of the country, velayat health care departments and scientific works of Turkmen medical scientists. The stands demonstrating the achievements of the national pharmaceutical industry are of particular interest. A big section at the exposition is dedicated to the work of new and recently reconstructed sanatoriums and resort centres of the country.

The agenda of the plenary session of the International scientific conference taken place in the conference hall of the Exhibition Centre in the afternoon focused on the innovative offers in the sphere of medical equipment and technologies, pharmaceutics as well as the most advanced methods of treatment of various diseases.

Among the conference participants are the leading specialists in the various medical areas and scientists, including the heads and representatives of large scientific and clinical centres, international organisations, higher educational institutions as well as experts and specialists of companies specialized in development of new technologies in the sphere of education and health care. Scientists and specialists of scientific and clinical centres, teachers, postgraduate students and students of higher educational institutions and colleges as well as specialists of a number of core organisations from all regions of the country represent Turkmenistan at the conference.

Participants of the international forum will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of leading scientific and clinical centres in Ashgabat.

Representative medical forum closed in the Turkmen capital

The International exhibition and scientific conference “Saglyk-2013” organized by the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of our country closed in the Turkmen capital.

Numerous representatives of the national healthcare system as well as people and guests to the Turkmen capital visited the Exhibition Centre during the three-day forum. Exhibitors demonstrated their potential in the sphere of production of the most advanced medical equipment, construction of medical facilities, presented a wide range of pharmaceutical products, new medical and diagnostics, laboratory and therapeutic equipment, special equipment and furniture, tools, services, the most advanced developments applied in all spheres of medicine, natural cosmetics, etc.

A scientific conference that brought together specialists from many countries worldwide, including heads of the Academies of Sciences, scientific and research centres and higher educational institutions, experts, venerable scientists in various areas of the medical science became an open platform for exchange of views on the ways and forms of fruitful cooperation in the sphere of medicine and medical industry.

14 plenary sessions of the International scientific conference focused on the modern trends in the healthcare system as well as experience of Turkmen and foreign medical specialists in solution of various tasks in the healthcare sphere. The meeting participants discussed the important issues regarding new researches in the sphere of treatment and prevention of various diseases, sanitation and epidemiology as well as introduction of innovative technologies and popularization of the healthy lifestyle. Particular sections were dedicated to maternity and child health protection issues, natural sources of health and medical education.

On the second day of the forum, the presentation of a scientific work by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Medical plants of Turkmenistan” published in the Japanese language took place at the State Medical University.

Diplomas and certificates were awarded to the forum participants during the solemn ceremony of closing of the International exhibition and scientific conference.

Participants of the conference noted that the forum had promoted the search of new partners, the ways of prospective development of the medical science and education, opened up the opportunities for further cooperation and implementation of joint projects in the healthcare sphere.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)


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