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Cotton trade fair starts its work


III International Cotton Trade Fair started its work at the Exhibition Centre Sergi kosgi in the Turkmen capital. The organizers of the forum are the Turkmenpagta State Concern, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

The cabinet ministers, the heads of the Mejlis, ministries and departments, the heads of diplomatic representations and missions accredited in Turkmenistan, foreign guests and representatives of public organisations and mass media participated in the opening ceremony.

The welcome statement of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to forum participants was presented at the opening ceremony. The Turkmen leader noted that the trade fair and international conference would play an important role in developing the agricultural sector and the cotton industry, expanding research in cotton growing and promoting cooperation with international organisations in this sector.

The companies from 20 countries of the world, including the agro-industrial departments of Turkmenistan, and foreign guests representing 40 foreign companies from Russia, US, UK, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Poland, India, Bangladesh, Latvia, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan participate in the trade fair. The increasing potential of Turkmenistan’s agro-industrial sector, the enhancement of its export capacities and the foreign policy of the Turkmen state aimed at facilitating the integration of the national economy into the international system underlay the keen interest in the forum.

The multifaceted expositions gave the guests and participants to learn about the latest specimen products, advanced manufacturing technologies, technical and food crop varieties, seed stock and recycled materials and share multifaceted experiences in the agricultural industry.

The major departments and enterprises of the cotton, textile and food industries and the services sector presented their expositions in the pavilions at the Exhibition Centre. Dozens of ministries, departments, business companies and commercial entities of our country arrange the colourfully decorated pavilions at the trade fair. The expositions of the Turkmenpagta State Concern, the Ak Altyn procuring enterprise, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange and a number of leading cotton enterprises of Turkmenistan aroused keen interest of the participants and numerous guests.

Foreign partners are presenting their thematic expositions at the trade fair in Ashgabat. These included the foreign companies and enterprises operating in agriculture and the related industries, such as the chemical, engineering and metallurgy industries. The products of such companies as Calik Cotton (Turkey), Olam International LTD (Singapore), Nanyang red cotton (China), Cotton Trading (Russia), Claas (Germany), Zeppelin (Germany), Yaraw (Belarus), John Deere (US) and others are showcased in the colourfully decorated pavilions.

The long-term partners of Turkmenistan, including the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers and suppliers that have opened the service centres in all the regions of the country and provide proper maintenance of machines and equipment have a special place at the trade fair.

The regions of Turkmenistan arrange their agricultural expositions at the trade fair presenting the fruits of our land, including ’white gold’ and cotton products, in their pavilions. The pavilions of the textile industry — one of the leading export oriented sectors of Turkmen company are of particular interest to the guests and participants. The expositions showcasing the products and achievements of Turkmen entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector have a prominent place at the trade fair.

It is symbolic that the forum is taking place on the eve of the Harvest Day, which symbolizes the end of an agricultural year and honours the achievements of Turkmen farmers. These include the outstanding labour victory of Turkmen cotton growers who have exceeded their contractual obligations on ’white gold’ production and picked 1.05 million tons this year.

The International Conference “Cotton Production in Turkmenistan and the World Market” was held in the framework of the trade fair at Sergi kosgi. The science forum brought together specialists of the agencies and agricultural companies, global cotton consumers, long-term and potential partners of our country, engineering enterprises, agricultural scientists and experts.

The conference covered important the themes, including the modern achievements and development prospects of the cotton industry, the trends in world cotton market and promotion of Turkmenistan’s cotton products on the market. The conference participants considered the prospects for enhancing partnership between Turkmenistan and other countries to enhance exports of textile products which are in high demand worldwide. Emphasis was placed on the role of the application of innovative technology in industry and enhancement of exports of state-of-the-art equipment.

The forum participants emphasized the importance of promoting cooperation with Turkmenistan on the basis of mutual interest, mutual confidence and economic stability. The Ashgabat conference focused on the major issues of the development of global food market and efficiency and productivity enhancement in the agro-industrial sector. The conference provided a platform for holding bilateral talks between exporters and importers of Turkmen ’white gold’.

The trade fair and conference will continue their work tomorrow.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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