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The major economic forum of the year


The exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements — the major economic forum dedicated to the anniversary of independence of the country — closed in Ashgabat.

Its significance is determined by the state goals and objectives of developing and diversifying the national economy on an innovative basis, building up the capacity of export-oriented and import-substituting industries, ensuring sustainable management of abundant natural resources, promoting industrial development of the regions and achieving the high standard of living and welfare of the Turkmen people.

The two-day exhibition included the expositions which aroused great interest among visitors and numerous guests of Ashgabat, including the expositions of Turkmengaz State Concern, Turkmennebit State Concern, Turkmenhimiya State Concern, Turkmenbashi oil refineries, Turkmengeologiya State Corporation, Turkmenenergo State Power Corporation that used innovative demonstration cards and panels to showcase the dynamic development of the basic sectors of Turkmen economy, namely rapidly expanding infrastructure, the number of developed and newly developed oil and gas fields and proposed routes of ‘blue fuel’ export to foreign countries, underground reserves of other natural resources and minerals, the network of power transmission lines and thousands of kilometres of roads built across the country.

The panorama of the achievements was presented in the pavilions of Turkmen transport enterprises. The models of new airplanes that have replenished Turkmenistan’s fleet of passenger aircrafts, the high speed vessel Carlak, the pilot cutter Yelken and new trains displayed at the exhibition are the testimony of consistent efforts that the Turkmen state takes to address the critical aspects in the development of this sector of the national economy.

The exposition of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture displayed the scope and scale of ongoing and proposed projects. The models of bridges and interchanges on the city highways skilfully made by the students of Ashgabat specialized construction school were presented to those interested.

A colourful bouquet of flowers and other ornamental plants that serve as the gorgeous frame for urban architectural ensembles was displayed in the exposition of the Ministry of Municipal Engineering.

A wide range of high quality meat, dairy, macaroni products and confectionery, vegetable oils, baby food, canned fish and meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and dried fruits produced by the velayat enterprises of Turkmenistan’s agro-industrial sector was another evidence for the tremendous economic potential of the regions, illustrating the successful implementation of the national programme aimed at achieving food security for the country.

The progressive development of the tourism and resort industries and the priority objectives of conserving and popularizing the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, historical and natural monuments, the national traditions of handmade carpet making and decorative applied art were the focus of the expositions of the State Committee for Tourism, Turkmen State Publishing Service, the Museum of Fine Arts and the State Academy of Fine Arts.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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