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Exhibition of Turkmenistan's economic achievements opens in Ashgabat


The exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements in honour of the 23rd anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan opened in Ashgabat.

About 100 exhibitors representing the subdivisions of the state sector of Turkmen economy, the institutions of education, culture, sport and tourism and the enterprises of Turkmen entrepreneurs are participating in the inter-industry forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

Numerous expositions arranged at the Sergi Kosgi Exhibition Centre display the modernization and diversification processes taking place on an unprecedented scale in the framework of the national programmes and innovative projects in all the sectors of the national economy.

Dozens of colourfully designed pavilions showcase Turkmenistan’s accomplishments in the fuel and energy sector, trade, construction, industry, agriculture, agricultural industry, culture, science, education, health care, sport, tourism and printing industry and its achievements in the social and economic development of the capital city and regions of the country. Advanced technologies and innovations are at the exhibitors’ disposal so that they can more brightly and substantially display their achievements and plans for the future.

The research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan present scientific developments of Turkmen scientists. Some expositions display the scientific developments in chemistry and medicinal products based on the useful properties of local medicinal plants, new varieties of domestic and ’alien’ subtropical fruits grown in pilot experimental plots, environmentally friendly devices for collecting oil spills on offshore territories and other areas of research activities of Turkmen scientists.

Over 20 private companies and firms that operate in such sectors of the domestic market as construction and building materials production, delivery and installation of advanced technological equipment, the introduction of energy and water innovations, the production of household chemicals, textile goods, furniture, food products and carpets and applied arts and crafts have arranged their expositions at the Exhibition Centre.

Many of them are the members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan implementing the ambitious government contracts for the construction of administrative offices, industrial and social facilities, apartment houses with modern conveniences, kindergartens and educational institutions, health centres and sports facilities that meet the highest international standards. They are the major contractors that have the successfully completed and ongoing projects in their assets, including the 13th construction stage project in Ashgabat and other urban facilities: Myradym, Cyzgy, Muhammet Balkan gurlusyk, AGA gurlusyk, Beyikbina, Gowherbina, Berk yol, Dowamat, among others.

Particular attention should be paid to beautiful furniture from Aybolek and bedroom sets from Cigildem, confectionery from Hasar, delicious dairy and cheese products from Sahabatly and Taze ay, various kinds of ice cream from Erteki, fruit juices from 8 Yap, sausages and other meat products displayed in the pavilions of Turkmen entrepreneurs.

The company Tekmil presents the proposals for the arrangement and organisation of light and laser shows and its demonstration services for major festivities, festivals, concerts and other cultural and sporting events. The spectacular show with the use of the latest laser technology from the company Techman (UAE) was performed during the Ashgabat Day celebrations in May this year. The company presents a new proposal at this year’s exhibition — a LED monitor that allows covering and transferring the three-dimensional image with an area of 800 square metres.

The science conference on the Economic Reforms in the Epoch of Might and Happiness, which was held in the conference hall of the Exhibition Centre in the afternoon, became some kind of report on ongoing qualitative changes of all spheres of life in our country. The forum organized by the Ministry of Economy and Development was attended by the cabinet ministers, members of Parliament, heads and representatives of ministries and departments, banking institutions and university lecturers and students.

The agenda of the science conference focused on the implementation of the national development programmes, the major investment projects aimed at promoting the industry, increasing production of export oriented products and creating new sectors of the processing industry.

Particular attention at the forum was paid to the optimization of activities of financial institutions to ensure sustainable economic growth and address structural and social issues.

The presentation of the fashion collections designed by fashion designers from Ashgabat Fashion House added bright colours to the exhibition. The original fashion collections, combining the age-old traditions of Turkmen costume with the contemporary fashion trends, advertised best of all the impeccable quality of Turkmen textiles. The audience loudly applauded the stylish children’s costumes and exquisite dresses made of silk, velvet and keteni and decorated with national ornaments and silver jewellery pieces.

The exhibition of Turkmenistan’s economic achievements will continue its work tomorrow.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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