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International Cotton Trade Fair


IV International Cotton Trade Fair started its work at the Exhibition Centre Sergi kosgi in the Turkmen capital. The organizers of the forum are the Turkmenpagta State Concern, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

The representatives of the agro-industrial complex of Turkmenistan and delegates representing 55 foreign companies from 23 world countries, including Russia, China, the UK, England, Turkey, Malta, Bangladesh, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries participate in the trade fair.

It is symbolic that the forum is taking place on the eve of the Harvest Day, when our country celebrates the end of an agricultural year and honours the achievements of Turkmen farmers. These include the outstanding labour victory of Turkmen cotton growers who have exceeded their contractual obligations on ’white gold’ production and harvested 1,100 million tons of cotton this year.

The major departments and enterprises of the cotton, textile, trade industries of Turkmenistan as well as local economic societies and entrepreneurs presented their expositions in the pavilions at the Exhibition Centre. The expositions of the Turkmenpagta State Concern, the Ak Altyn procuring enterprise, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange and a number of leading cotton enterprises of Turkmenistan aroused keen interest of the participants and numerous guests.

The pavilions of the textile industry — one of the leading export oriented sectors of the national economy of Turkmenistan are of particular interest to the guests and participants. The expositions presented by the regions of the country showcase their achievements in the agricultural sector as well as a wide spectrum of agricultural products, generous gifts of the Turkmen land and food.

Foreign partners are presenting their thematic expositions at the trade fair in Ashgabat. These included the foreign companies and enterprises operating in the agricultural sector and the related industries, such as the chemical, engineering and metallurgy industries. The products of such companies as Claas (Germany), Maschio Gaspardo (Italy), Yaraw (Belarus), Caterpillar (US), Komatsu (Japan), Lemken (Germany), Valley (US) and others are showcased their products and services in the colourfully decorated pavilions.

The International Conference “Cotton Production in Turkmenistan and the World Market” was held in the framework of the trade fair at Sergi kosgi. The forum brought together the specialists of the core agencies and agricultural companies, global cotton consumers, long-term and potential partners of our country, engineering enterprises, agricultural scientists and experts.

The reports presented during the conference focused on the growing potential of the cotton and cotton-processing industries, the prospects for their further development and diversification of the export of the Turkmen cotton products. Particular attention was paid to seed breeding and scientifically based processes of cotton growing, the modern achievements and prospects of development of the cotton and processing industries, cotton processing with the use of modern technologies as well as trends in the global market of the “white gold” and the promotion of cotton production in Turkmenistan. In this context, conference participants focused on the prospects for widening the partnership between Turkmenistan and other countries in the sphere of export of textile industry products that are in great demand in the world, as well as increasing supplies of advanced technologies and equipment to our country.

The forum participants emphasized the importance of the development of the global food market, the increase of efficiency and productivity of the agro-industrial sector. The conference provided a platform for holding bilateral talks between exporters and importers of the Turkmen ’white gold’.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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