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24th EU PVSEC is fully booked, but TURKMEN_ENERGY is not yet



24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2009 to be held on 21-24 September 2009, Hamburg, Germany
WIP, organiser of the 24th EU PVSEC Conference (21-25 September, 2009) and Exhibition (21-24 September, 2009) announced that this year’s exhibition is now fully booked.
More than 800 exhibitors (2008: 715 exhibitors) have registered for the 24th EU PVSEC. The space booked in the 7 exhibition halls of the International Fair in Hamburg exceeds the exhibition space of the previous EU PVSEC in Valencia 2008. Due to continuing requests for stand space, WIP announced that a waiting list has been established.
For 32 years now, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has combined a very nameable international Scientific Conference with an Industry Exhibition. The PV Solar Conference is expected to attract some 4,000 participants, and the accompanying industry exhibition around 40,000 visitors. More than 800 exhibitors will be presenting new ideas and technical solutions in the field of Photovoltaics.
Still there will be another not so popular, but very perspective exhibition - The 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009» to be held in the new exhibition center of Ashgabat «Sergi Koshgi» on December 7-9, 2009.
Why perspective?
First of all, according to the results of this year first six months development of Turkmenistan:
  • The growth rates in industry made up 124.2 percent.
  • Growth rates in construction made up 129 percent
  • In transport and communication – 119.1 percent.
  • The growth rates in agriculture made up 114.1 percent.
  • The total production made up 105.5 percent.
And second. Turkmenistan has the abundant reserves of hydrocarbon resources as well as inexhaustible reserves of natural renewable energy. The specialists of the Gun (Sun) scientific production association calculated that with the current coefficient of efficiency of solar photoelectric cells and average annual intensity of solar radiation, i.e. 600 Watt per square meter, a solar electric power plant with the active area of several dozens of square kilometers was capable to generate energy produced annually by all power stations in Turkmenistan, i.e. about 14 billion kWt/h.
In future the annual energy potential of the renewable energy sources in Turkmenistan estimated at 110 billion tons of equivalent fuel a year will be of great demand. According to scientists, there are the regions where to use the alternative energy in the desert region of the country, i.e. over 86 percent of the territory, will be reasonable and cost effective without damaging the environment.
The local climatic and natural conditions are exceptionally favorable for wide use of alternative energy. The sunshine period in Turkmenistan lasts 2768-3081 hours a year – almost all year round. In the Caspian region the wind velocity is high enough to enable the wind power plants to operate steadily in the course of year. The profound potential to be used in the desert and mountainous areas as well as the oases to supply hot water, electric power to household appliances, radiotelephones of traffic police and security agencies, to illuminate roadway markers, is available.
Additional information about the 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009» is at the

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