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Turkmenistan energy market: the doors open for all



Turkmenistan resolutely integrates in the global economic system due to the policy of wide international co-operation. To a larger extent this process is facilitated by the regular international exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences which have become the brightest attribute of the new epoch.
A year ago President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov issued the Resolution approving the special regulations of exhibitions and trade fairs and the procedure of awarding the winners. The Resolution is attracting foreign investments in national economy and creating incentives to develop advertising and exhibition activities. The number of the exhibitions increased four times.
Dynamically developing Turkmenistan attracts attention of the international business circles willing to expand on the very promising Turkmen market. The factors attracting foreign business include the open door policy, the political and economic stability in the country and the national legislation steadily developed to reflect the international law norms. Another evidence of that – the revised Law of Turkmenistan “On Foreign Investment” that has come into force last year and provides the firm guarantees of the rights of foreign investors, and therefore promotes their active collaboration in the large-scale projects implemented in Turkmenistan and attraction of advanced technologies and best international practice.
Thus, the large-scale expositions – a real chance for possible partners to demonstrate in full their potential, expertise and high technologies that modern Turkmenistan relies on.
The best international practice and innovative approaches are widely applied in power industry – a leading sector of Turkmen economy. That will be vividly demonstrated by the 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009» to be held in the new exhibition center of Ashgabat «Sergi Koshgi» on December 7-9, 2009.
Power industry is a leading sector of Turkmen economy.
Electric power is ‘daily bread’ for industry ensuring the operation of all mechanisms from sewing machines to steel furnaces, various control and automation systems.
So that electric power could be interruptedly supplied to thousands of consumers throughout the country the programs on further development and technology modernization of the distribution network amounted to millions of US dollars are elaborated. The programs stipulates for modernizing the power networks in the other towns and settlements.
Moreover, the growth of electric power production enabled the country to export it to Turkey, Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan. Turkmen power engineers are interested in expanding on the foreign markets.
The need in electric power is increased with every passing year, and never stopping at what has been accomplished the sector is to fulfill new tasks.
Additional information about the 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009» is at the

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