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Turkmenistan-EU: constructive dialogue in common interests



According to information agency The Electronic newspaper "Turkmenistan: the golden age",  the meeting, which was held in Turkmen capital during the working visit of the EU delegation, turned into lively exchange views on the current condition and prospects for cooperation between Turkmenistan and the EU member countries.
Highly appreciating the steps made by Turkmenistan to intensify the relations with the European Union the members of the delegation focused on the increasing interest of the EU member countries in strengthening mutually advantageous cooperation that had great future for its potential and the reforms initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to cement the foundation of sovereignty, promote sustainable social and economic development of the country, guarantee the wellbeing and welfare to the Turkmen people.
Discussing the progress in implementing the agreements the sides focused on the need to update and expand the legal framework, further implement joint projects and programmes and conduct meetings, talks, intergovernmental consultations on a regular basis that helped to identify the called-for fields of joint work. Special attention was paid to the issues of establishing close trade and economic cooperation. In this regard the sides highly appreciated the Trade Agreement between Turkmenistan and European Union approved by the European Parliament this April.
The priorities of cooperation for the next few years included cooperation in the sphere of investments, protection of the environment, education and other fields where concerted efforts were deemed quite effective.
The focus of the meetings and talks held at the national ministries and departments, in particular the State Agency for Hydrocarbon Resources Use and Management was fuel and energy partnership, mutual interest in which Turkmenistan and the European Union secured in the Memorandum of Understanding in Energy Cooperation last May.
Highly appreciating Turkmenistan’s constructive approach to building an effective model of cooperation, the EU representatives expressed absolute support to the Turkmen leader’s initiatives to address urgent problems and challenges of the modern world, in particular global energy and water security. The sides were unanimous that an important field for concerted efforts was tackling global threats such as illicit drug trafficking.
Noting that cooperation with Turkmenistan that took the key position in the Central Asian region was a priority of the Euroepan Union the guests expressed belief that the talks in Ashgabat that demonstrated mutual interest in and readiness for full-scale cooperation would be a significant step to enhance and build further the traditional dialogue on a long-term mutually advantageous basis.
The best international practice and innovative approaches are widely applied in power industry – a leading sector of Turkmen economy. That will be vividly demonstrated by the 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference «The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009» to be held in the new exhibition center of Ashgabat «Sergi Koshgi» on December 7-9, 2009. Additional information about the exhibition and scientific conference is at the web-site


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