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International exhibition and conference on modern achievements of science and technology in Ashgabat


International exhibition and conference on modern achievements of science and technology in Ashgabat

The exhibition and scientific conference “Science and Innovative Technologies in the Epoch of Great Revival” timed to the Science Day widely celebrated in Turkmenistan on June 12 was opened at the Exhibition Centre in Ashgabat that day.

The large international forums initiated and held under the patronage of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who pays significant attention to development of the national science and education are organized by the Academy of Sciences and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In the welcoming statement addressed to participants of the International Exhibition and Scientific Conference “Science and Innovative Technologies in the Epoch of Great Reforms” President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed belief that the exhibition and conference would be an opportunity to showcase Turkmenistan’s achievements in modernizing the scientific sphere as well as provide vast opportunities for fruitful exchange of experiences and information, further expansion of international cooperation in the spheres of science and innovative technologies.
“We pay special attention to developing science as an integrated aspect of the state policy, strengthening its material and technical basis and accelerating the introduction of scientific and technical advances in the national economy. The policy of our state in this field is aimed at restoring the true place of science in society, enhancing its role and, first of all building the modern scientific system meeting international standards ,” the President’s statement said.

The cabinet ministers, the heads of the Mejlis, the public organisations of the Galkynysh National Movement, the diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan, the ministries and departments, the research institutions affiliated with the Academy of Sciences, the representatives of the higher educational institutions, students and prominent scientists from 30 countries worldwide including Syria, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and Japan and journalists participated in the opening ceremony.

This exposition is an opportunity for Turkmen scientists and businessmen to learn about products and services offered by foreign leading companies and enterprises and to establish a dialogue with potential partners.

This year’s forum brought together over 30 foreign companies that showcase their potential and expertise in the oil and gas sector, exploration and prospecting natural resources, construction, medical and chemical industries, transport and communication, information and communications technologies and educational programs.

Many of these companies are Turkmenistan’s long-term partners actively collaborating with the research institutions of the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education including Ukrgasteh and Turbogaz that offer advanced technologies for increasing pipeline efficiency. RWE (Germany), Scomi (Malaysia), Dragon Oil, Shevron Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation offer their innovations in the oil and gas sector. Medconcept (Belgium) and Siemens (Germany) presents state-of-the-art medical equipment. Polimeks (Turkey) presents video surveillance equipment, equipment for laying fiber-optic cable and mobile broadcasting units. The Russian company SOFTLINE develops know-how in education sphere. The United State Agency for International Development (USAID) displays the new opportunities for using multimedia equipment to implement educational programmes. The pavilion of Europa House showcases the trends in scientific research conducted in the EU member states.

The Russian companies such as Interlab presenting chemical analysis equipment, R Style Softlab – banking technologies and Lanit Consulting – information technologies participate in the Ashgabat exhibition for the first time.

The research institutions of the Academy of Sciences including the Gun Research Institute, the State Seismology Institute, the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, the Institute of Botany, Magtymguly Institute of Language and Literature, the National Institute for Manuscripts, the Institute of Medicinal Plants, the Institute of History, the Institute of Chemistry present their research developments that significantly contribute to the progress of various sectors of Turkmen economy. The results of the activities of the Turkmen research institutes on the use of renewable energy sources (sun, wind, geothermal waters, etc.) are of keen interest to the visitors.

The major part of the exposition is dedicated to medicine and medical industry of Turkmenistan. The pavilions presenting President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s books, scientific and methodological literature and the works of the scientists of the research institutes and clinics and the achievements of chemical and pharmaceutical industries are popular among the visitors.

The pavilions of the Turkmen higher educational institutions reflect the progress of large-scale reforms launched in the country on the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The displays of training aids and computer technologies introduced into learning process at the educational institutions throughout the country have a special place in the expositions of the Turkmen higher educational institutions.

The special section of the international exposition is dedicated to the art institutions of the country and the Main National Museum of Turkmenistan – the largest depository of national arts and the research centre of the country. The visitors can see national clothes, carpet articles and pieces of decorative and applied arts.

The ground floor of the Exhibition Center are occupied by the pavilions of the ministries and the scientific production and scientific and technical associations, project organisations, sectoral scientific enterprises that concentrate the scientific and technological potential of our country. The achievements of Turkmen economy gained through adopting scientific and technological advances are presented at the exhibition.

During the plenary meeting and seven sections participants discussed a wide spectrum of the issues related to various trends in development of applied science and increasing the effectiveness of the use of scientific advances and innovative technologies.

After 3 days of productive work the forum was closed.

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