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Turkmengurlusyk-2009 opened 20.08.2009
About a hundred of the foreign companies from more than 20 countries worldwide, most of which are the worlds leading producers, have the pavilions at Turkmengurlusyk-2009 Exposition. moremore
From the Sitting of Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan 19.08.2009
Focusing on the need to hold the sectoral exhibitions and conference on a regular basis Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized that these forum accumulated the best international practices and achievements and provided an opportunity to establish fruitful business contacts. moremore
ECO TIMES about Turkmenistan and its new investment policy 13.08.2009
The special issue of ECO TIMES Journal published by the ECO Cultural Institute dedicated to various aspects of the life in Turkmenistan and the important investment projects moremore
Growth of the Turkmenistan economy rates for the 7 month 11.08.2009
President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on July 31, 2009 chaired a sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers to consider results of economic development for the past 7 month. STRONG SHOWING. moremore
10.08.2009 Turkmenistan: electric energy production and export increased 10.08.2009
In the first half of 2009 the power stations produced over 7.95 billion kWt/h of electric power. Energy production is increased by 4.3 percent in January-June as compared to the same period of 2008. Over the period energy export made up 1.546 billion kWt/h. moremore
04.08.2009 Perspective view of Cooperation of Turkmenistan and European Community. 04.08.2009
Turkmenistan and European specialists are having constant exchange of experience including international exhibitions, held in the city of Ashgabat. From December 7 to December 9 2009 the Turkmen capital will hold the International Exhibition and Conference Basic Trends of Development of the Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009. moremore
03.08.2009 Turkmenistan-EU: constructive dialogue in common interests 03.08.2009
According to information agency The Electronic newspaper "Turkmenistan: the golden age", the meeting, which was held in Turkmen capital during the working visit of the EU delegation, turned into lively exchange views on the current condition and prospects for cooperation between Turkmenistan and the EU member countries. moremore
23.07.2009 Turkmenistan energy market: the doors open for all 23.07.2009
The factors attracting foreign business include the revised Law of Turkmenistan On Foreign Investment. And the large-scale expositions a real chance for possible partners to demonstrate in full their potential, expertise and high technologies that modern Turkmenistan relies on moremore
17.07.2009 24th EU PVSEC is fully booked, but TURKMEN_ENERGY is not yet 17.07.2009
The local climatic and natural conditions are exceptionally favorable for wide use of alternative energy. The sunshine period in Turkmenistan lasts 276,8-308,1 days a year almost all year round. moremore
13.07.2009 Steady-state Turkmenistan invites for cooperation 13.07.2009
The president noted that Turkmenistans economy do not drop back despite global economic crisis. The large-scale international and national projects are being implemented. moremore
08.07.2009 14th Turkmenistan International Oil & Gas Exhibition 2009 invites. 08.07.2009
The annual event clearly demonstrates the openness of independent and neutral Turkmenistan to the international cooperation. Looking forward to meeting you in November in the hospitable capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat City. moremore
01.07.2009 Turkmenistans energy exhibition invites 01.07.2009
Additional information about the 2nd International exhibition and scientific conference The Basic Trends of Development of Electric Power Industry of Turkmenistan 2009 is at the http://www.turkmen-energy.com. moremore
24.11.2008 More exhibitions solid and various 24.11.2008
The times when rare exhibitions with participation of foreign firms had aroused the Ashgabat citizens excitement passed long ago. Nowadays, almost every month, or even more frequently, the capital of Turkmenistan hosts large-scale expositions featuring the most diverse spheres of business moremore
07.10.2008 Expo Real 2008 - 11th International Commercial Property Exposition 07.10.2008
The annual commercial property exposition Expo Real began in Germany's Munich yesterday. moremore
11.08.2008 The 3RD International Turkmenistan Book Golden Publishing Products of the Golden Age 11.08.2008
We announce that Negus International Company is planning organization of the national exposition of Russian exhibitors at the 3RD International Turkmenistan Book Fair which is to take part on October 8-10 2008 at the exhibition complex in Ashgabat Sergi Kosgi. moremore

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